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Why is it important to be an informed customer?

plz explain why it is

thanks a lot

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  • chai
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    It is important to be informed when you go shopping so that you won't be taken advantage of. When a sales person sees you all they see is dollar signs, how much they can get you to spend. Often times the sales rep is some kid in highschool or college who isn't all that informed themselves.

    You want to be informed so that you get the best product for your needs with out spending a bunch of money. Don't think for a second the sales person has you best interest at heart, cuz they don't lol. Do your homework ALWAYS! Get reviews on products before you by them. Shop around for a good price. Know the return policy. Know the recalls if possible. Don't let the sales person presssure you or flatter you into buying. A lot of the time stores use women to get you guys lol. Hope that helps a bit.


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