Which game's online is better? MGS4's or GTA 4's?

Hey guys, I was wondering which game's online is better overall. Please give a descriptive answer and don't be biased!

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    MGO (Metal Gear Online) is a true FPS (First Person Shooter) game. GTA is a TPS (Third Person Shooter) game. I am not good at FPS games, and only own COD 4 (only played 20 minutes of it). I do own MGS4, but only for the story mode (not FPS), not online (FPS). I can play GTA online and have fun with it. It's basically a poor man's shooter game, which I love.

    If you are a hardcore FPS fan, then MGO is the way to go, but if you want a more relaxed shooting game that you don't have to be accurate at like a FPS, then go with GTA.

    Also, MGO is shooting only. With GTA, you can shoot, race, do missions, and just hang out. It has more to do, but is not a true FPS type of game (just the type I like).

    You will have to determine which one is better. I would say GTA is better, but then again, I'm not good at FPS games. The majority will lean toward MGO, which set the standard for graphics on the PS3. GTA graphics are nothing compared to MGS4 graphics.


    See what I know about MGO? And I have it. I played it for about 5 minutes, and it may not be a true FPS, but it plays like one (even if you do play from a different point of view). Online does NOT play like the story mode. Two completely different game plays.

    So just like people will tell you that Devil May Cry is an RPG (Role Playing Game, and it's not), take my opinion for what it's worth, just an opinion. But MGO plays more like COD 4 than GTA 4.

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    @ adidas. MGO isn't an FPS

    GTA IV online isn't great, the only mode I'd say is good is racing because most people don't know how to handle the cars which makes it easier for me to win. If you are playing shootouts it is very boring because you just stand still and watch your character fire a gun, and if auto-aim is on its basically a case of who aimed at who first.

    MGO online isn't really good either, the players often move too slow and the process to playing online takes WAY too long for a mediocre online game.

    They are both mainly for single-player experience. Consider the online as an extra but nothing special

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    In reply to Adidas, how is MGO a true FPS? It's not first person. Yes you can aim down the sights but game is made to play in third person.

    In answer to the question I'd say GTA online, just because you can mess around and do anything but it matters on personal preference.

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    man thats a pretty easy MGS4 isn't as boring as GTA 4 its basically the same thing just like the single player so MGS4 has better modes

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  • 1 decade ago

    well which do u like better so i can better answer your question because that answer depends on what u are into the most,i think mgs4 is the best because i like stealth type games

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    i dont have a ps3, but gta 4 is just amazing. its great to play with your buddies just messing around liberty city ad the game has excellent graphics too.

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