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heeey guys! i was wondering, what type of person and best suited and least suited for a dentist :)?

thanks !

i hope my questions id too confusing.

all i would like to know is what type of perosn is best sutied fot the job and what type of person is least suited for the job .

thanks again :)


websitess would be good too :)

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    Most people who are dentist are in it for money, most wont admitt it, but this is probably the number one reason for people becoming a dentist. If you want to know whether a person can handle the stresses involve in dentitrsy you need to consider where you like working with people, most succesfull dentist are good with people and know how to talk to them. You also need to be able to put up with a lot of people sh!t, that is many people are not fond of visiting the dentist and comein while they are in pain and many time to get them out of pain they will have to go through a bit more pain in betweeen, like when you take out a tooth. Also if you are a germaphobe this is not the job for you. So there are a lot of things involved that can determine whether this job is for you or not.

    Check out the ADA site

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