Would someone being a smoker sway your decision on whether or not 2 date them?

What if the personality, looks everything was perfect? Would you date them with the intention on making them quit? Is smoking so repulsive that its enough to rule them out as dating potential?

I did a vid on this topic... if u wanna check it out 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go3ScQqD3NE

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What are ur thoughts?

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    Yes. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. I would definitely ask him if he is willing to quit. If not, well, too bad. And to Dee, just because you have college degrees and a successful career doesn't make you immune to unintelligent decisions. You made the foolish decision to smoke.

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    I refuse to date a person that I feel compelled to change, so no, I would not date them. I find cigarette smoking disgusting, phony and just plain disrespectful. Yes, smoking is THAT repulsive, as is the brown teeth, black lungs, and yellowed nails that result from it. I would lose all desire for the person if I thought that they were THAT stupid to smoke.

    Note that I emphasize cigarette smoking, only because most weed smokers are smart enough to stay inside (or risk arrest, of course).

    Dee: "LOL at JD calling it an "unintelligent habit." I am a successful professional counselor with two college degrees and I smoke - I hardly think of myself as "unintelligent.""

    Of course you don't. Dumb people seldom do. How intelligent can you be to sit there indulging in something that is not only killing you, but harming other people? It's probably one of the most selfish things to do. There's nothing worse than when I go to the outside area of my school to eat lunch and get some sunshine, only to have a bunch of idiot smokers with their foul fumes and toxic breath near me. It's disgusting.

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    LOL at JD calling it an "unintelligent habit." I am a successful professional counselor with two college degrees and I smoke - I hardly think of myself as "unintelligent."

    Anyway, back to your question - no, I wouldn't base my decision to date someone on whether they smoked or not. I would not want it in the house, but it does not repulse me. I am a smoker, so I can't judge!

    My gf has smoked like two or three times since we've been together and (I know I'm going to get thumbs-down for this), since it's not something she does regularly, she actually looks pretty hot when she does it!

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    its a habit hard to break.

    Tell them you will date them only if they stop smoking. I have two friend's parents, who's dad used to smoke and her mom said she'll only marry him if he quits. He quits cuz he loves her more and the habit hasn't relapsed :)

    Don't go into the relationship trying to change them of this. Usually if a person doesn't change now when they have got you, they wouldn't change later. Unless, you are tolerant of smokers, you'll almost end up losing them or being in a unhappy relationship.

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    Only if I had asthma, which I don't so no, I wouldn't judge someone in that way. People who give up do so because they want to so it's naive and a little bit arrogant to enter into a relationship thinking you can change anything about them. If you date a smoker you have the right to ask them not to smoke in your house or near your children and that's it!

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    I would be very deterred, but if everything was perfect I'd give it a shot in hopes that he would quit. My sister had that happen, and because it was love he was willing to quit, did so cold turkey and hasn't gone back over a year and a half ago. I just think it's an unattractive, unintelligent habit...then again, I myself don't mind the occasional cigar. So that's kind of contradictory.

    i'll check out the vid.

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    At first it would not bother me puff away!! but i think if things got serious enough for kids house etc I prob would want them to quit... not a fan of smoking around children :)

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    I can't take the smoke from cigarettes. Whenever i intake the smoke from my mom's cigarettes i feel like i'm choking. T.T

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    I don't think it would sway my decision about dating them or not.

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    It's actually kind of a turn on for me... But everyone's different

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