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will dejuan blair be a good pf in nba?

i think hes an amazing inside presence, but i found out hes only 6ft 6. How can u be a pf that short when u enter nba????

also who do u think is better, him or james harden

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    Yes, he will be and do you know why look at Charles Barkley he is a hall of famer PF and he was 6"6 but both have big bodies and can bully around people in the paint... you cant compare them... thats like saying whos better ray allen or dwight howard...best answer plz

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  • He is super powerful, and remember, Barkley was 6'5, so Blair will be fine!

    Larry Johnson was 6'3 lmao.

    BQ : James Harden is better.

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    personally i like onuwaku on the orangemen but i think he'll be a decent player in the nba i mean charles barkly was only 6'5 but he had great skills but hey who knows.

  • No, neither will Tyler "you barely skimmed my eye but imma act like it really hurt so you can get a foul called on you" Hansbrough

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  • Nope. Blair is wayyyy OVERRATED. All he does is push and shove while playing down low. Thats how he gets all his stats.

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