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A nurse is making the night rounds...?

... in a mental hospital.

She opens the door to the first room in the corridor. An elderly man is seated on the edge of his bed, dressed in an overcoat, clutching suitcase.

"How's it going tonight, Mr. Weatherbee?" the nurse asks the man.

"Oh good, Just taking the train out to the country to visit my brother and his family."

"Have a nice trip!" the nurse says, closes the door, and moves to the next room.

She opens the door and her jaw drops in shock as she sees another elderly man, seated on the edge of his bed, his pajamas down by his ankles, furiously pounding away on his c--k. He notices the nurse standing in the doorway.

"Weatherbee next door is off to the country to visit his brother," the whacking old man stutters out. "I'm f-----g his wife!"

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    Waaahahaha, Good one.

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    LOL! That's not bad!

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    LOL that was funny.

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    that was good

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