Have you ever been racially abused for doing nothing?

I was at the club with some friends and i was sitting down at a table, a girl came to me and started chatting. so it wasn't like I was hitting on her. And then out of no where, this dude comes up to me and says "f*** off chinese motherf*****" and literally dragged her away. And another time, i was just talking with a girl outside party waiting for my friend and a guy comes up to me and says "hey ching chong, shes taken".

WTF?! why are some people so racist (white men)? Are they just insecure or paranoid or something?

I am sure they wouldn't do that if a black dude was socializing.


and im not even chinese lol

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    1 decade ago
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    Yeah. When I first moved to Arizona from Indiana, it was crazy. I'm smart, and I was used to honors classes in school. I can't go to school by my house b/c the principal herself said I wouldn't get a good education (AZ is like the 48th dumbest state), so I have to commute to Phoenix every single day (I live 20-25 minutes from Phoenix but consider traffic). So the honors program (I was going to 7th grade) at my new school was really good, but you had to do a lot of testing, but you had to get selected to even get to that point. The principal saw my old report cards and my test scores, and she automatically tested me (even though she wasn't supposed to b/c you have to go to the school for a year or so to even get there). This white guy named Sean assumed I was dumb as a box of rocks and constantly asked, "Why are they letting YOU test? I've been here since 4th grade and still can't pass the English AEP test. I don't get it, you just moved here, you're supposed to wait to test." I'm like, "I'm a beast (lol). I'm sick with it, that's all." They couldn't comprehend it, and they really didn't know the principal gave me the hook up. The principal loved me, I was the spelling bee champ (2 years I won in my class, and one year I went to the district). The kids were just hating, and of course, being the only black person in the class, there were some black jokes, BUT they needed me b/c I knew how to do all the work. It was funny b/c I think I was one of the only kids in all the honors classes the school offered. I told them that their school was a breeze to me. I won awards and everything. It wasn't a bad school, but it wasn't as hard as kids made it out to be. But even though there was some racism, they soon grew to love me and look past that. The black kids at the school kind of looked at me like I was a symbol for them. I felt like if I messed up, I'm not just letting myself down but them to. Great experience. The school was good, and it got me to where I am today (in IB). Oh, and for people who have doubts about IB, if you're lazy, just don't do it. It's just a lot of busy work. I don't find it too hard, for the most part, it's all memorization and everything, BUT it's worth it b/c I've gotten a lot of opportunities and awards in it even if I am the only black girl going for the diploma in our class lol.

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    i'm sorry that this occurred to you. Out u . s . is going by using some extensive modifications and as with every exchange issues tend to get worst till now they get extra effective. you have got some undesirable strategies yet you do not ought to hold directly to them. If it truly is a universal undertaking that occurs then possibly you ought to flow. issues are changing and there are places that are extra effective and there'll be circumstances that are happier. Tolerance is the only way that those issues end. MLK exchange into the super peace keeper and time will heal in case you are able to forgive our u . s .. i desire that this makes you superior so as which you will share your tale with the subsequent technology and how you dealt with your thoughts. Anger dwells in basic terms interior the bosom of fools. Albert Einstein

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    Thats how it is dude,i mean really im 16 so idk if ill be much help.

    But at my school the only time i get racest crap is from the white kids.Im a cool mixed,black/white, kid but still.Somedays ill just be talking to them and someone will say "no one cares your black",i mean they might feel comfortable enough to say that to me but its really uncalled for. Im talkin to a white girl the other day, someone says "better watch that i pod down there" cuz im black..

    Idk but its really wrong and messed up.But everyone isnt like that soo yea..

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    Personally no. But my boss an Indian, was studying in UK and while in a disco, he had a beer bottle fall from top missing him by a whisker. Heard of repeated racial taunts on Indians while in the West

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    Last year some Aboriginal guy asked me for a cigarette in the middle of the street and I said no I wouldn't give him one. After that, he called me a white dog. How disgusting is that?

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    1 decade ago

    An insult is not racial abuse. Quit whining about something that wasn't even a big deal.

    piman23:Come say that off the internet. I guarantee you there'll be some busted yellow teeth(and they won't be from a black man)

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    It's because of the asian stereotype that asian men are quiet and shy but not this asian. I broke this white guys nose for calling me "*****", I knocked out a couple of teeth from a black guy for saying "ching chong" and called me "rice eater" made fun of me for being asian. Not every asian is nice and quiet.

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