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Economics Question: TFC, TVC, TC, MC, AFC, AVC & ATC?

I was Given a table , With TFC TVC TC MC AFC AVC and ATC.

On output 0 , TFC is $500 , and the rest are blank

on output 10 , TFC is blank , TVC $1000 and the rest are Blank

On output 20 TFC is blank, TVC is blank , TC $2400

How do i find the answers in blanks? please help , I have ap econ and i need help!!!! thank you

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    0 500 0 500 -----

    10 500 1000 1500 1500-500=1000

    20 500 1900 2400 2400-1500=900

    at all levels of output, TFC is same i.e.$500

    at zero level of output, there is no variable cost like cost of raw materials. so, TVC=0 and TFC=TC

    TC=TFC+TVC by using it you can fill up the blanks

    MC=TC of n units - TC of n-1 units

    AFC=TFC/Q where Q=output



    or ATC=AFC+AVC

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    Tc In Economics

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    You are given the following information for units 0-4 that are produced by The Metro Corporation. The Total cost of unit 3 is 69. The Average variable cost of unit 3 is 15 and Marginal cost of unit 3 is 15. The Total fixed cost of all unit is 24, find out TC, AVC, MC for 4th unit. urgent

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    how do you find avc?

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