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Scaphoid fracture....?

i may have broken my saphoid. Im really scared they put a cast on for 10 days then im going back in and they are going to confirm it.

im scared i dont think i can go8-12 weeks with a cast on. Also If i did break it when it helas will i be able to put wieht on my hand, and lift wieghts, and play sports again??


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    Dude chill out. I broke both my arms at the same time by hitting a car while riding my motorbike and flew over a car like an olympic diver.

    The break on the left side was a scaphoid fracture and apart from having both arms in plaster for 8 weeks the scaphoid didn't heal properly and i had to go back in plaster for a further 4 weeks.

    Don't be scared as there is nothing you can do about it except let it heal.

    When it heals you will be able to use your hand just like before, you will be able to put weight on your hand and lift weights and play sports but give it a little bit of time after the cast has come off for good.

    You will be fine dude, you can do this. Good luck

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    sure Scaphoid Fractures would be very painful certainly,even once you have help on too.With this fractures some circumstances the fracture doensnt continually happen till some wks later,those bones are so small and compacted in to a small area,for this reason you ought to flow bck in a pair off wks.i could propose you to take universal discomfort alleviation,attempt and relax the hand as much as you are able to,save the arm bigger whilst achieveable,and save the splint on.once you do flow bck in a pair off wks time and you have a fracture there you would be placed right into a scaphoid plaster solid as much as eight wks ,scaphoid fractures do some circumstances take this long ot longer case you go with anymore suggestion digital mail me,i handle fractures etc .sturdy success

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