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Examples or any article on political corruption?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you could help me out with this assignment i have to do on political corruption... its a speech.. any ideas on how i could start? and also if you could remember any examples from any newspaper article on political corruption please let me know!! thanks alot in advance

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    Diane Fienstien Dem, CA,, funneled billions to her husbands business,

    Maxine Waters, Dem Ca, millions to a bank her husband was invested in.

    Pelosi' Dem CA, Pet rat program (Washington Times Feb, 12th)

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    Your 3 questions are too involved and diverse to warrant the answers you are looking for. Also your questions are together, too much bother to answer for 10 points. so you don't get my "A" answer, just a quick cheap one. 1 All politicians are polarized, citizens who switch votes between parties keep the politicians responsive to a changing electorate. The current problem is less about the unpopularity of the incumbent president and more about the fact that he is a "lame duck" as is the vice president. 2 comparisons between modern USA and Ancient Rome are tenuous at best. History does NOT repeat itself, some similarities that seem significant break down under scrutiny. If a victorious general came back from victory in Iraq and started stacking the Senate with his friends, then I would consider your arguement stronger. 3 First of all, half of people do not vote. Period. They have already figured out that whatever and whoever gets elected, little will change. This is not actually that bad. it means that half of people feel that their lives are unaffected by what goes on in the hals of power. Idealists hate this, and certainly some people don't vote out of frustration, but the vast majority of non-voters could not be bothered, which idicates life is just fine for them and they have bettter things to do than worry about a bunch of partisan monkeys flinging poo at each other.

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