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Ramadan: What was your Khutba about today?

Last week I conducted an experiment and asked for anyone attending Juma prayers at the masjid to come back and share their khubas with those of us who, for a variety of reasons, won't be going today. Even those that go would perhaps benefit from hearing about others.

I think last week's results were interesting, and I would like to get even more results this week inshallah.

Please include the synopsis of the khutba, any stories (made up, historical, topical or religious) that went along with the khutba and if you can remember them, any of the suras that were associated with the khutba (please just the number; copy/paste will make it very long).

For those of you who haven't gone yet, please star and come back later to share.

Thanks to everyone.

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    It was about how all muslims are responsible for whats happening in Gaza.

    Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was 58 and Ali (ra) waz 23/24 when they defended islam against some guy named amer (3mer). Which means every muslims of every age is responsible and has to help the people in gaza to help islam...

    at least something like that, ahah i got my dad to tell me later on =D

    Pce / Salaam walaiakoom

    Source(s): About sources... i got no clue sorry ahhah
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    In my country the idiots think that the Khutba is valid ONLY in Arabic. So they just RUN THROUGH some typical Khutba write ups, which are present in the books.

    These Khutbas are being delivered AS SUCH since centuries. There is no change in them. They were perhaps made in the Abbasi dynasty and as such they are delivered. And even the deliverer i.e. the Khateeb (Imam), himself is unaware, what he is saying i.e. he is unaware of what it means in his own language.

    Such is the plight of this nation !!

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    well i went to nearby mosque and i don't really go there but just because i was late i had to go there. and the khutba was vague as always at this mosque. the imam yet again spoke of unheard hadith and treated Holy Prophet Muhammad as if he was divine or something (astaghfirullah!) because they think that Holy Prophet would have their sins forgiven.

    they speak of hadith that are zaeef (or sometimes i think they aren't even in the zaeef category but totally fabricated by this mosque -.-)

    next time i ll try to return from school early so that i can go to another mosque rather than this one.

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    I went to Indian Muslim mosque which the imam spoke Tamil.

    I dont understand a thing, except for the dua part.

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  • 4 years ago

    In my place the Khutbah replaced into approximately "Do greater with reference to the rights, have faith and accountability" An-Nisaa':fifty 8 "Allah doth command you to render back your Trusts to those to whom they are due; and whilst ye make a choice from guy and guy, that ye choose with justice: verily how spectacular is the coaching which He giveth you! for Allah is He Who heareth and seeth all issues." "fulfill the have faith of people who've depended on you, and don't betray the guy who betrays you. " (Ahmad, Abu Dawuud, At-Tirmizi) Of honesty and have faith is what's emphasised in Islam because of fact the have faith is heavily linked to the religion. Prophet S.A.W. as narrated through Anas bin Malik RA: "No suitable faith of the human beings who do no longer have faith and there is not any faith for people who do no longer adhere to the promise. " (Hadith Narrated through Ahmad) Al-Mu'minun:8 - 11 "people who faithfully be conscious their trusts and their covenants; And who (strictly) take care of their prayers; those often is the heirs, Who will inherit Paradise: they're going to stay therein (consistently)." So without keeping the superb, have faith and accountability, a man or woman ultimately has no fee, dignity and comprehend in this worldwide. In Hereafter, constructive will deserve extreme punishment. Salam.

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    jazakallah in our masjid it was about the love and respect of sahaba's towards the prophet pbuh and then when the prophet pbuh sees such love and respect he advices the sahabas that never to lie,although u think it ll harm ur benefits in this world but still dont lie

    and have a good relationship with ur neighbours be kind and have good relation with them if they need help u must help.......................

    that was a brief thanks


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