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I think that I may have a sick Betta?


Like I said; I think that I may have a sick Betta, partly because he’s floating near the bottom of his bowl and breathing REALLY hard! He does dash to the top of the bowl, some times but it’s not like a MAD OMG I NEED AIR dash, it’s more controlled. I also, when he does get to the top of the bowl for air he swims back down. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with doing so and looks back to normal. Any way I’m just worried about the little guy, partly because I just had another fish die, with similar symptoms.



Sorry I forgot to say that his water is heated and he’s in newly cleaned bowl. He is a new fish, so that may be the thing that’s bugging him. But he was fine for the past week, swimming around like young Betta do. Also when he is at the bottom of the bowl he’s falling over like leaning onto his side. I don’t know if that helps at all, but I thought I should put that in to.

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    Take him to your local chiropractor. He is probably having back spasms. If this goes untreated, it does result in death.

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    Heavy breathing and staying towards the bottom of the tank usually means poor water quality. If you have a test kit I would check the water quality like amount of Ammonia in the tank. Otherwise I would change about half the water and siphon the gravel and hope for the best.

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    It's a good thing that you have a heater for him but poor water quality is more than likely the cause of your Betta's problems. He needs to be in a filtered tank rather than a bowl.

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    his water may be too cold. bettas need their water to be around 25 C (78 F). as long as he can still make it to the top for air its ok.

    you can try changing his water (make sure you're using the right amount of water conditioner) in case it's too dirty. and try not feeding him for a day in case he's bloated.

    if he's "breathing hard" i assume that means pumping his gills, which bettas do when their stressed - could be water temperature, strange noises, his reflection in a mirror... have you changed anything around him lately?

    Source(s): vet student
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