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its about my Betta HELP!?

Umm so I have asked this question before but compared to the answers I got back, I don’t think I had the appropriate amount of info. So here I go ones more. I think that I may have a sick Betta, partly because he’s floating near the bottom of his bowl and breathing REALLY hard! I don’t think he has lost any of his colour at this time. Other then that he looks healthy. He is a new Betta and according to the store he’s a young one. He is in a 5 gallon bowl with a light and the water IS heated. No filter or air pump because the sound would drive me nuts at night. He is my third male Betta living in my house. I have two other males that are doing just fine in a smaller bowl with no heat, using the same water. They have bean alive and healthy now for about 3 years, so I’m sure what I have bean doing is working. The reason I’m worried about this one is because he’s younger then the other ones that I purchased from the store, and they were already full grown at the time, he’s still a baby. Any way for some reason he was more expensive then the other two, namely because I think he is a different species. Not sure what type. But in short I have no idea what’s wrong with him. His stomach looks swollen. When he is at the bottom he seams as though he is leaning to one side, or falling over. He does not have a problem going to the top of the bowl he goes up and swims back down to the bottom. I cleaned his water today when I saw that he was still not feeling well. And from what I can see that didn’t help. This has bean going on sins yesterday after I fed him. I don’t think it’s his swim bladder because when he is swimming around he’s not really struggling. Right now there is nothing in the bowl. I am planning on getting him something I just haven’t had the chance to go out and get something. Any way I’m worried about the little guy. Anyone have any idea what’s going on with him? Also is there something I could get instead of a filter to help keep the water clean?

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    Are you using water conditioner? Most tap water has chlorine or chloramine in it, so it's very important to treat it.

    You say he is swollen, are any of his scales sticking out sort of like a porcupine? If yes, it could be a disease called dropsy and there is no cure for it.

    Perhaps he has ich, have you looked carefully at his fins and body for tiny white spots like salt crystals?

    Filters do not keep people up at night, they are actually sleep inducing like white noise. Besides, you won't even hear it if it's not in your bedroom. My Betta is kept in my community tank with angelfish, loaches, cories & platys, they all do very well together.

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    I believe that your fish has a bacterial disease called dropsy. I had with the same symptoms. It can be very hard to cure but ask for a medication at pet smart and hope for the best. It could have a bladder disease like other people are saying but I do think it is dropsy. As for if there is anything to substatute a filter the answer would be real plants. You would need a heavily planted tank though which isnt really an option. You could get a smaller whisper filter at a pet store. They are cheap quiet, but arent the best filters but they do help a bit. Plus the filter comes with an airation system also. Hope this helps good luck.

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    It's good to know that your quality of sleep is more important than a healthy environment for your fish. If proper fish care is an inconvenience maybe you should find them homes where they can be kept correctly.

    A simple sponge filter costs about ten bucks, and if you don't want to hear the air pump, then don't keep fish in your bedroom.

    Have you tested the water?

    Laying on the bottom and heavy breathing could mean high ammonia.

    Fast him for a few days to see if the bloating goes down.

    Your Betta's are all of the same species but perhaps a different genetic variant. Does he have a different tail shape?

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    sounds like he's either bloated or has a swim bladder infection

    if he's bloated try not feeding him for a day. if it doesn't get better, try feeding him a small green pea (the fibre will clean out his intestines) and try food again the day after.

    if it's a swim bladder infection (which i think it is since he's falling to one side) then he needs antibiotics, so you need to find a vet that treats fish.

    good luck

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    He could be stressed. You can try adding aquarium salt to the water to help him with the stress.

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