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What are you Confederate flag wavers going to say next, that Jefferson Davis was an abolitionist?

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    This is a great question. I am always amazed by people that wave confederate flags. I live in Massachusetts. Needless to say, the Confederate flag is looked down upon in all New England states. To us, it is almost as bad as flying a swastika. How do these people think this makes African Americans feel? I think most people who fly the Confederate flag are too uneducated to understand what lies behind its origin.

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    Those who do (I'm not one, but I do understand) Know a little more about the history of the flag than the one aspect that 'pop history' seems to remember.

    We have either had TWO civil wars in this country, or two revolutions. It is not one of each. The only difference is that the Rebels won one of them, and the ruling establishment won the other. Remember; history is written by the victors.

    Here's something that I bet you don't know; the emancipation proclamation did NOT free all slaves! It only declared free the slaves in the states and counties in parts of states (Much of LA remained union territory, remember) that were in rebellion. If you were a good Lincoln worshipper? You could keep your slaves, you good little obedient minion.

    I grew up in MA.. the revisionist history they teach there is just appalling. Until you learn the real story of your country, the liberal nutcase teachers there would have you believing that the puritans / pilgrims started America, when in reality they were a nutcase religious sect that could be called the American Taliban. (Witch burnings, anyone?) The real US was seeded in VA.

    Although there are distasteful connotations to one aspect of the history of the confederacy, the spirit of independence and freedom from an oppressive federal government is what most of them adhere to today. Slavery was finally defeated by technology, not legislation. Times just change, often, fortunately, for the better. Even if the confederacy had won its independence, it would have been abolished in short order.

    It's going to be interesting to see what happens to MA in the next census; last time, it was the only state that lost population. For good reason. I've abandoned it since then myself, and know many others who have as well.

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    I am a Northerner. The confederate flag is part of the history of the South. And I agree with them, that if you don't like it, get out. It has been turned into a symbol of racism by those who do not like it. If you do not like it, then have Congress pass a law, like Germany did after WWII, that bans the display of the flag (in Germany's case, the Nazi flag) If you believe it should be banned, I will not stop you. That is your right as an American Citizen.

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    For those who compare the Confederate flag to the swastika: the swastika was not American. The Confederate flag was. Americans fought each other. That's why it's called the Civil War in the North, and in the South, the War Between the States. The Confederacy had no problem with Jews per se. In fact, the Confederate Secretary of State and Treasury (the two positions were combined in the Confederacy) was Judah Benjamen, and with a name like that, he couldn't have kept his Jewish identity secret if he wanted to. FDR adviser Bernard Baruch's father was a doctor in the Confederate Army, and after the war, one of the founders of the KKK, which at the time was a fraternal order for former Confederate officers, and not the terrorist organization it became later.

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  • I wouldn't think so, but he was great friends with Abe Lincoln and did share his views on slavery. His objection was not the issue of slavery, but the law which was not enforced equally or fairly, and who would decide how to change it..the US or the states. Many in the south were sympathetic to the view of ending slavery, but the mechanics of it were viewed by some to be in error constitutionaly.

    Most do not even know that had Lincoln not been assassinated, he would probably have continued funding his budget to repatriate the slaves back to Africa. He never thought of them as equal in value to white, only legally equal, and was constantly assuring southerners he was not proposing them holding office or having integrated facilities. He was very keen on shipping all blacks back to Africa. I am not sure why historians are so silent on his actual views. So to use a pun, it was a simple black/white issue, as no group of individuals in that time had a homogenous view of issues, kinda like today. So no, Jefferson Davis was not an abolitionist, but he also was not pro slavery or a racist. There was a Jeff Davis museum in Biloxi before Katrina, but I heard it was pretty much devastated. We lost a lot of history there, and it was an interesting place to visit.

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    It is clear that far too many believe the civil war was about slavery. It was an economical and political division- slavery was a side issue. Lincoln wanted all blacks deported to Africa. The South wanted to give them South Carolina. I think the south was in the right to exercise their right to secede. It was written in the constitution that they had the right- therefore the North was wrong to FORCE them to stay. (Just for the record, I was born and raised in the North- I am trying to be completely objective. I gathered these details while debating politely with some southern cousins) It is my belief that any and all states should have/retain their right to secede. Why? We ARE the United States, after all... not just America. United States... meaning separate States which have agreed to cooperate together. If any one or more States no longer agree- they should be able and allowed to operate on their own as they see fit.

    For the record, Jefferson Davis supported the idea to give South Carolina to those blacks who did not want to go back to Africa.

    ""(It was) merely an incident of the real controversy... (for) posession of the Federal Government is what both North and South are fighting for."" [The New York Times in its' description of slavery, 1854]

    Do you know the case of Dred Scott? a Missouri slave who had been taken by his master to 2 free states. Dred Scott sued for his freedom based on a federal law which stated if any slaveholder took a slave into a free state, that slave was considered free. Guess who agreed he should be freed? A southern Judge. Guess who overturned that decision and ensured his continued slavery? A federal judge- northern-born.

    The South was for free trade: the North wanted protectionism.

    ""(We should be) determined... to sever ourselves from the union we so much value rather than give up the rights of self-government... in which alone we see liberty, safety and happiness."" (Thomas Jefferson)

    There appears to be a whole lot of history that far too many people never bother to learn about...

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    The South Will Rise Again(so they say...they still can't accept defeat 100+ years later)

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    Who cares what crazy nonsense spews out of their mouths. They lost the war, 144 years ago, time to get over it. Long live the Union!

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    Thanks for bringing up a subject that is of great interest to me and educational to me and many others.

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