What dose this dream mean?

I was dreaming a gypsy reader looks at my palm and sees a triangle , she told me I will do great for my business but I will live a very short life, Of course I am not scared of death it is all part of nature and being human.


And as Spartan was asking yes I had a cheese, and looks like Cheese releases certain chemicals in the brain that make it over active so it can cause more vivid dreams, it depends what dream is about.

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  • slydad
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    1 decade ago
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    Your dream suggests that even though you may not fear death that you do have concerns for the length of your life.

    Your dream also suggests that you have confidence in your business abilities despite how long you may actually live.

    The presence of the triangle suggests that there is something missing from this picture to offset or balance your concerns and support your confidence.

    The gypsy reader represents the need to find someone in your real life to help you with this balance and that may be what is missing.

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    Dreams are hard to predict if they are true or not, but maybe your dream is real but I highly doubt it. Dreams can be odd superstitions but sometimes they might even be true.

    I hope your business goes well! :)


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Did you eat cheese

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