Emotional Support Cat in Canada?

I want to fly from Toronto to Florida with my Cat who is an emotional support animal but Air Canada says that Canada doesn't recognize emotional support cats, but only dogs. Is this true and what can I do about it? Thanks


To Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach or Miami if necessary. Air canada is way cheaper for the time we need to go and it is direct so we booked it and now we will look over the info. I actually have a family member who is a lawyer who is reading the law on support animals to try to talk to Air Canada.

Update 2:

Iguanas are not allowed on planes as per US law as rodents and reptiles can't be allowed but mammals including monkeys, minature horses, and pot-bellied pigs can be accepted..lol.

I just think a cat can do just as good as a job for emotional support than a dog can.

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    I believe there are no policies in Canada regarding emotional support animals on aircraft. I have certainly looked far and wide for laws in Canada pertaining to disabilities and animals. The U.S. only has them because of a bizarre misunderstanding on the part of the U.S. Department of Transportation on the differences between emotional support animals and psychiatric service animals. I doubt other countries are dumb enough to permit untrained animals on aircraft without condition, especially after seeing the mess we've made of it with pigs running wild on aircraft pooping in the aisles and attempting to force their way into the cockpit.

    You are mistaken on the restrictions on species for service animals under the U.S.'s ACAA. First, a rodent is by definition a mammal. Reptiles are permitted so long as they do not pose a direct threat or cause a fundamental alteration. Primates can in some cases be excluded under the direct threat exception because of zoonosis and the inherent behavior of non-human primates.

    It seems you are looking for angles. First you want your cat certified as a physical therapy cat, now emotional support. If you aren't severely mentally ill, you don't qualify for an emotional support animal in the U.S. Very few people really want to wear that label in their permanent medical records anyway, much less carry a letter to show to airline personnel that says so. So just find an airline that will accept pets and stop trying to abuse the system.


    On a side note: if you have an attorney working on this, why on Earth ask for legal information on a venue like Yahoo!Answers? Most of the answers come from people who haven't a clue but are just offering their opinions or looking for points.

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    Can't do anything about it. To where in Florida are you flying? Anyway: American, Northwest, United, US, Continental and Delta fly from Toronto, ON to Miami, FL.

    So my recommendation: check the airlines I just suggested.

    I hope at least one of them is willing to 'ship' your cat.

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  • Jim Z
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    You may have to drive to Detroit. Check out the fares on www.spiritair.com www.nwa.com www.usa3000.com. You will find it is well worth your drive to bring your cat. These three airlines have great prices. It will cost you between $75 - $150 each way for your cat.

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  • Anonymous
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    yup, nothing

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