Eating Disorder - Emotional Help?

I am watching Intervention. The poor girl is a prescription drug addict - she is so pitiful and scared and sad and confused - she IS me!

this summer a lot of people found out about me. one person i told and i could completey trust her. then i told another person and she told my mom and her mom. then my mom told everyone in our family (tons of realtives). this was just that i throw up. i was so fusterated after that but i thought things would get better. they got worse. long story short - i was fast enough to accept the help these people wanted to give me so they gave up. i told them how bad things were at home.. that there was physical and verbal things happening at home (that my mother flat out denied), and then about sexual stuff happening with family members husband (not blood related). but they still sent me back thinking that my mother was actually going to do something about all of this. they refuse to listen to me 'complaining' i can't talk to them anymore - nobody. they all think that i'm happy as a clam but i just keep supressing these feelings and i'm sick of it and a lot of the time i don't think i can do it anymore but when i do pretend to be happy everyone else is happy and it doesn't seem fair that i have to suffer just so they can all be happy.

I want to get better.. I think. All I ever wanted was for somebody to just take control for me. I know it sounds stupid because eating disorders are suppose to be all about control but I don't even know what mind is about. but i want to go away. i want to be locked up and fixed.

My excuse has always been that my anger is just because I'm sad - but that is the truth because I'm not even mad when I am mad (if that makes sense..) - like, when I'm being mean I'm not being mean because I'm mad.. I'm just always sad.

I still have a year before I am 18. I don't have a job or friends or a life. if i get a job i won't eat. i won't be home enough to binge. i just want money so i can go away from all of this - i want to go back out with my other family the ones that gave up on me and i want to prove to them i am different - but i want to get better just out there with them. they have a local clinic thing there and i a doctor there gave me my only ever antidepressants and i'm not so afraid out there. how do i tell people this and have them agree with me when they think i am all better now. how do i tell them without them getting mad at me for lying to them.


ahat the girl on Intervention is like me because she is just crying and so sad and everyone around her is just getting mad at her for being the way she is and it's not fair and nobody understands it.

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    You have to print out your post here and take it to SOMEONE - anyone who can help you. Family, health worker, spritual advisor - they WILL help. If you can't get anone to help you, you are going to be in big trouble really soon. If you can't find anyone that I mentioned - GO to a outreach center and take the printout with you - show it to someone - because I know you won't be able to tell them face to face, right?

    Read what you wrote, what would you do if someone said that to you? Go and make sure they get help, right? Then do it. You can even type in: eating problems help online - and it comes up with MANY websites where you can obtain help. Please do it sooon. Here is one to start you.

    Best wishes to you in your search for YOUR REAL LIFE.

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    Oh, honey...

    never give up.

    It may be a struggle, but you are beautiful

    in the eyes of God, and He wants to see you


    I have a special friend (much older than you)

    who suffers with the long-term effects

    of having abused herself earlier in life,

    but for too long.

    Instead of becoming a statistic,

    is there any way you could go for

    inpatient treatment?

    Like they do on TV?

    Getting away from all the factors

    that are putting additional pressure

    on you?

    Has this happened already for you?

    I don't want to write you a book here....

    I'm a kid in my 50's (LOL)

    and would be more than happy to talk

    about things with you.

    Please click on my icon and e-mail me.

    If you do, I would be happy to talk with you.

    If you don't, just know I will keep you in

    my prayers.

    May the Lord bless you with insight, intuition and guidance!

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