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Aren't those of you who use DRUGS ashamed of yourselves for being the CAUSE OF THIS?

Admit're just as guilty of these murders and this is where your money goes to thanks to your lack of morals.

I can't believe those who would say legalize're insane to suggest such a thing.


Ze, you sound like the poster boy for why drugs penalties should be EVEN STIFFER.

Update 2:

Holy are SERIOUSLY comparing a bottle of booze to a shot of heroine per se???

Update 3:

BK: Big Corporations are ALREADY selling you "LEGAL"'re hooked on Ritalin (narcs) Prozac....even your COLAS are laced with "caffeine" the sister to COCAINE you may want to re-think your premise.

I don't need to have a bunch of hyped up druggies behind the wheels of a car....we have enough problems already with mental health wouldn't you agree?

Update 4:

You are RIGHT CLEAR CLUTTER but my point is that the MAJORITY of people who claim they want drugs LEGALIZED aren't even users...or if they ARE they are pot users, cocaine maybe...but if they were SERIOUS addicts (take a look at Amy Winehouse there...Whitney and Bobby Brown...) you can see that it impacts life TREMENDOUSLY and thus morality has a LOT to do with it because society for the most part pushes people towards these things BECAUSE of the choices they make in life (morality).

Update 5:

And yes...once an addict they are a hazard to themselves and to society....because of the very fact they will do ANYTHING to sustain their habit....ANYTHING.

Update 6:

You guys must all be just dont GET that every action has a is not as "simple" as you would believe. There's a reason for the saying YOUTH is wasted on the day you'll GET IT....I can promise you that.

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    I think its silly.

    Mexico tells the US, its your job to stop our citizens from entering the US illegally.

    Then they try and tell the US, its is the US's job to stop weapons from illegally entering Mexico.

    Thats BS, it is Mexico's job to protect thier own border.

    Maybe if Mexico had stationed soldier's along the border to stop thier citizens from illegally crossing into the US, they might have caught those weapons entering mexico.

    Its more of the liberal mantra, always blame someone else for your problems.

    So now they want to blame the US fro Mexican crime problems.

    The US had nothing to dop with Mexico's Army Special Forces deserting inmass and going to work for the drug cartels.

    I say, seal the border and the problem goes away.

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    And you find it o.k. to judge people and blame people that "use drugs" over the drug cartels and problems that plague Mexico? Maybe the drug is not the problem, maybe it is the greed that these drug lords have. If I'm smoking a joint, I am not killing people because I'm high. The drug lords are the ones beheading people all because of greed, money, territory, and fear.

    Also, not all illegal drugs comes from Mexico. If marijuana was legalized in the United States then dealers from the U.S. would not have to buy their supply from Mexico, that is if they bought their supply from Mexico to begin with. In fact, it would be a far safer process if it was legalized here even if you agree with it or not. How is it an American's fault for the problems in Mexico? Yes, it is sad that innocent people, especially children get caught in the middle of it and might even end up killed, but that is Mexico's problem not mine. And if anyone cares so much about this issue then think about boycotting Mexico, Mexican made products, etc. Or write a nasty letter to your congressman and tell them that we should seriously reconsider NAFTA with Mexico because you are disgusted by their uncontrollable drug violence.

    Also, I am not insane to suggest legalizing drugs, especially marijuana. I still got a 3.5 gpa and I was toking it up and not killing innocent people.

    Source(s): 4:20
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  • Anonymous
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    No, not at all actually. First off I will say the only illegal drug I do is marijuana. I know that this is part of the problem there, but mostly cocaine and heroin I think down there. Secondly, I know where my herb comes from. So in no way do I help to support any of this. Also, if these drugs were made legal and were government controlled a lot of this crap wouldn't be happening there.

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  • Power
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    I don't use drugs but can tell you people who don't really are not concerned with issues like this. They are concerned with how they will make it trough each day alive. How they will get what they need that day. They rob the people closet to them so they can survive so I really don't think they care about a news story. You really have to learn about drug addiction to understand the answer you are looking for. You can learn about it from a fictional tv show cause that has nothing to do with reality..I think tonight Natalie Cole will be on Larry King & I suggest you watch her & she might be on Oprah today or tomorrow but listen to see if she tells you the reality of addiction...morals has nothing to do with drug addiction, again you must get to meet real people who are addicts. they come from every walk of life. I know a preacher son who comes from the nicest family & is the nicest boy you could meet who was addicted to drugs, haven't seeen them in years. but anyone including you could have this habit so don't judge..I do agree with you we do not need another door opened by legalizing drugs. It sends the wrong message just like we do by not calling alcohol users drug users.

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    I'm not wild about legalizing drugs, but if we did that, killings like these would stop, just like legalizing alcohol stopped the bootleg gang wars of the 1920's and early 1930's. Legalization will end the corruption and turf wars. Yes, it would be better if we could get rid of the damned stuff, but anyone whose IQ exceeds their shoe size knows that's never going to happen.

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  • Sam
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    1 decade ago

    Good initiative, bad judgment.

    It’s because drugs are illegal that this violence happens. If drugs were legal then there would be no drug wars because the market would sell and distribute them peacefully. And all the drug/gang violence would go away.


    "I'm in favor of legalizing drugs. According to my values system, if people want to kill themselves, they have every right to do so. Most of the harm that comes from drugs is because they are illegal." -- Milton Friedman

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    Actually, it's the criminalization of drugs that causes these things. If they were legal, big corporations would be non-violently making millions off addicts, instead of criminals fighting gang-wars over the billions they make off of them.

    The same was true with alcohol durring Prohibition. While it was illegal, organized crime fought deadly turf wars and made huge proffits distributing it. Once it was legal again, legitimate producers made much narrower profit margins, and didn't have reason to murder anyone over it.

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    You realize that if the drugs were legal, the gangs wouldn't be selling drugs?

    If drugs were legal, they would be grown/created by companies, and sold to stores in a safe environment, instead of this War on Drugs and these violent results you see.


    "BK: Big Corporations are ALREADY selling you "LEGAL"'re hooked on Ritalin (narcs) Prozac....even your COLAS are laced with "caffeine" the sister to COCAINE you may want to re-think your premise."

    Yeah, and those drugs are more dangerous than marijuana- hell, alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. You can overdose on those "'LEGAL' drugs," and alcohol, but you can't overdose on marijuana. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana, and no one ever will.

    Source(s): Have you had a sip of alcohol? "Admit're just as guilty"
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  • 1 decade ago

    If you legalize marijuana you would not have as many ILLEGAL drug lords.

    I never have and hopefully never will indulge in drug use. However, I do not see the point in spending billions per year and sending thousands of people to prison over marijuana.

    If someone wishes to get high (as they already do) it's their business. The "war on marijuana" is a failed strategy that has done nothing but waste precious resources and ruined many lives in the process.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Regretably . . . the "end users" never see the connection between the "recreactional drugs" THEY use . . . . .and the murders to get it to them.

    Drugs KILL . . . . and the only way we will "win" the "WAR" on drugs is to make dealing in on kilo or more a capital crime.

    {{ No way that's going to happen . . . we have even scrapped the term, "War on Terror" . . . . Oh well }}

    Dan in Miami

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