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Honda Civic Strange Idle.?

Whenever I start my car it idles very odd. The rpms jump from about 1200-2800 then back down making an annoying sound like im sitting in my car revving the engine over and over and over. Also earlier to day i was driving and my car was just randomly turning off, almost as if im stalling thought they may be linked car is a 1993 Honda Civic Hatch BTW.

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    You have a bad idle air control valve. It's mounted behind the TPS with two or four bolts(can't remember) and two coolant lines. You can either take it off and spray some brake cleaner to clean it out and let it completely dry and reinstall or go and buy a new one.

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    Sounds like some sort of vacuum leak. If you come up empty after looking for one, try burping the coolant system of excess air. As a last resort I would look at the Fast Idle Thermo Valve (do an Internet search for "FITV Fix").

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    It sounds like you might have a vacume leak. Try to get your hands on either a chilton or haynes manuall and trace them down.

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