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What to wear for a recital?

I'm going to a harp recital. I'll be playing with a group for a large group piece, two solos, and I'm also helping with the kid's group I T.A. for. So, I want to look professional, but not too stuffy. I can't exactly wear a skirt, because you have to fit the harp between your legs to play it. What do you suggest?


I'm 14, female

brunette (dyed), medium-long with short blunt bangs

pale skin and I have a cold, so I look kind of nasty

navy blue eyes


thanks! If you need more information, just say so, and check back, I'll add details.

P.S. if you can make it on Ployvore or another outfit-making website, that'd be so great! (I don't have skinny jeans or uggs, just so you know.)

this is what I was thinking:

(hope the link works.)

this is the closest I could find to the stuff I actually own. My stuff looks pretty different, but you'll get the idea.


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    Well, I think the best idea would be a black dress, or something black, as that, like another user said, is the traditional attire for recitals and concerts. So, maybe a black dress, or dark dress pants and a dark blouse if you don't own a black dress.

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    Don't be too casual, but not dressed up in the clothes. Just do your hair and makeup and shoes and stuff more formal. I'd go with like a cute little top but not like a te shirt. Like dark wash jeans floral top kind of thing. That way it's like not really that dressed up but not casual.

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    Traditional concert attire is black slacks or skirt (maybe one of those split-legged kind) and a nice white shirt.

    Black shoes and hose or tights.

    You want the focus on the music, not necessarily you (sorry.)

    I have 4 kids who have had many, many recitals and concerts (piano, percussion) and this is what they have always been told to wear.

    Good luck on your recital!

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    The link doesn't work. But I would wear some ballet flats, black dress pants and a top of your choice.

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    Black dress pants and a cute printed shirt. Ballet flats or heels.

    Good Luck!

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