The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

I am a teenager(16) and I am currently going to a Pentecostal Church, however,

The Mormon Church is at the end of the cul-du-sac that I live in and I think I may want to try and go one sunday. Can someone answer my questions for me!

1. What do you where on Sundays? Dress Pants?

2. How long is the serivce, what do you do in a service?

3. I'm a teenerager, what is expected of me- are there lots of teenagers?

4. Is there sunday school or something?

Can you tell me anything else? I really want to know as much as possible!

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    1. You will find that most women and girls wear dresses or skirts, while the men and boys wear at least dress pants and a shirt & tie. No one will ask you to leave if you come in dress pants as a girl, but you'll feel more comfortable if you are wearing a dress.

    2. There are three separate meetings on Sunday. Sacrament meeting is the main meeting, with all worshippers together. The meeting lasts approximately 70 minutes. Sunday School is divided by age group, and then the final meetings are divided by gender. Children go to Primary, Youth go to Young Women's/Men's, Women go to Relief Society and the men attend Priesthood meeting. Total time for all three meetings is 3 hours.

    3. There will be youth there, but each congregation is different, so I can't specifically comment on that building. You'll probably find people from school there, that you didn't realize were LDS. They will direct you where to go.

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    1. Most wear slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie. You're welcome to come and worship with us no matter what you wear.

    2. Our weekly service is made up (roughly) of 3 different one hour meetings. (actually more like 70 minutes, 45, and 45 with a few breaks). The first is usually "Sacrament meeting" with everyone present. We hear announcements, begin the service with a song and prayer, take the sacrament, and then hear talks from fellow members. It's most appropriate if you don't take the sacrament as you haven't been baptized in the LDS church.

    The next meeting is often "Sunday School". It's a class that similar age'd people go to. There's a teacher and they study the scriptures and learn a topic-based lesson (faith, charity, the resurrection, etc).

    The last meeting is "priesthood" for the men and "relief society/young women" for the ladies. These are also separated more or less by age groups (mostly for those younger than 18).

    3. There are some areas with lots of teenagers and other areas with very few. It really depends. It's common to find maybe 6 to 20 teenagers that are within a year of your age. There's a good chance you already know some of them from school.

    4. As I mentioned above, there is Sunday school.

    When you show up, get there a few minutes early and find someone who you want to talk to. Explain to them that you're not LDS and that you're going to need some help finding the right classes. They'll be helpful. There's no need to pretend like you're LDS. Let people know that this is your first time and feel free to ask questions.

    A "ward" is an LDS congregation. It's common for 2 or 3 wards to share one building. Sometimes the meetings overlap. The "wards" are generally geographical in nature. You might want to try to attend the ward that you fall in geographically, as you'd probably naturally know more people that way or get to know your neighbors.

    Also, there are lots of activities outside of the Sunday meetings. One night a week (generally Tuesday or Wednesday) the youth meet at 7pm or so and have activities. Sometimes it's games, sometimes it's going to a sporting event or playing sports, sometimes it's service, etc. The young men often have campouts, hikes, river activities, etc. They often spend a week camping in the summers. You'd be welcome to join them for any or all of these activities also. Each age group has different activities (12-13, 14-15, and 16-18), although they do combined activities about once per month.

    Church would be a great time to meet one of the leaders of your age group and ask them about the weekly activities.

    Some areas also have regular dances on the weekends.

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    1. you can if you want, ususally women where dress, but no one will be mad if you wear dress pants.

    2. there are 3 different meetings we have on sunday, the first is where everyone gets together and we take the sacrament, and we listen to talks given by the members and sometimes our leaders. the second, is where the adults go one place the teenagers go another place and childern to another place, and this where each age group learns the scriptures. the third is where the women and men go to different classes and we learn how to be better husbands, wifes, daughters, and sons. It is altogether 3 hours but it you just want to stay for the first meeting then thats fine.

    3. It depends on where you live usally there are a lot of teenagers. and I think I kind of explained the rest of your question in the last answer.

    4. yes there is.

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    Don't they have some information posted in front of the church? They usually have the info about the main service, and when you go to that, then you get a bulletin that tells you the other activities you could get involved in, at least I find this true for the churches I've been to. I've never been to a Mormon church and will never step inside one.

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    Mormons are very much Christian. All three points Chris makes are patently false.

    A description of Mormon belief is found in the Articles of Faith:,4945,106-1-2-...

    1. Dress or skirt for girls your age...


    Usually more than one ward worship at the same chapel. The ward is simply a geographical boundary. Times for meetings are different for each ward. There are three meetings lasting approx. 3 hours in total for active members. Non-members are welcome to attend any or all of them.

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