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is this a good hockey glove? thanks?

nike bauer hg vapor 12

ps... ball hockey lol

i need this to last atleast 3 years i don't want it to rip

should i just get crosby's rbk gloves


btw what is the best hockey gloves company

thanks again

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    my friend has them. He said hes had them for a couple years and they are great gloves that stay in good condition. I recommend them.

    I suggest mission or TPS

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    I use Sande max 890 gloves ( it is an offbeat brand but they make quality product)

    i have had them for 2 straight seasons and hardly no signs of wear. My friends use CCM vector gloves and they swear by them so i would recommend either brand.

    Source(s): playing hockey all my life
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    iv had my eagles for like 2 years now no rip, with playin ice hockey though, id say these are decent for street hockey, go to a pro shop and try more pairs on

    Source(s): me
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    i have nike/bauer vapor gloves, but mine are just V, not XII.....I really like mine, even though they're a bottom of the line glove.

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  • That is good glove by look and by quality and you should get it

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