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Why did "shining light of democracy and freedom" Israel attack medics during the assault on Gaza?

Yet another war crime. Why is it ok for Israel to kill medics trying to help the civilians they had already attacked?


erm killing medical staff who are providing aid is a war crime actually.

Update 2:

i dont agree with whats happening in darfur either. i asked this as i had just come across this article

Update 3:

white phosperous is to be used as a smoke screen only. where were all the israeli troops it was screening?

you love war crimes it seems brandon.

you are such a typical zionist. using the tired old line of palestine never existed and theres no palestinians. was the land just empty before hand? or did it have about 500000 more arabs than jews?

human shields? ask israeli army about that. google 11 year old palestinian boy used as human shield by IDF. or just look up the amnesty international report.

they elected hamas? yes so what? thats how democracy works. fatah was corrupt so they went with the other guys. israel does not want peace. if israel wanted peace they would have accepted the plans that got them peace with eygpt in 1979. eygpt offered peace in exchange for a palestinian state plus rights of palestinians. that never happened after eypgt and israel signed the peace treaty. if israel wanted peace theyd dismantle the settlements in the west bank and stop destroying homes....

Update 4:

in east jerusalem. theyd end the illegal blockade of gaza and theyd either stop building the illegal wall in the west bank or build it on israeli land. theyd return the golan heights to syria and the sheeba farms to lebanon. theyd remove the hundreds of checkpoints within the west bank.

israel does not want peace and by you supporting them you support genocide, apartheid and terrorism

Update 5:

and there was me thinking i had you all to myself eartha :p

Update 6:

lol im a muslim? could of fooled me. i thought believing religion was a load of crap and those that believe in imaginary sky friends as fools was actually an atheist

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    I've read and studied the Geneva Convention, and I can tell you that Israel has violated not only the rules of war you state here, but several others.

    And to Brandon-what you say is easy to say for one who knows nothing about War.

    For the convince of everyone here, I will put down the exact rule/rules that the questioner is speaking of-

    Article 1. Ambulances and military hospitals shall be recognized as neutral, and as such, protected and respected by the belligerents as long as they accommodate wounded and sick.

    Neutrality shall end if the said ambulances or hospitals should be held by a military force.

    Art. 2. Hospital and ambulance personnel, including the quarter-master's staff, the medical, administrative and transport services, and the chaplains, shall have the benefit of the same neutrality when on duty, and while there remain any wounded to be brought in or assisted.

    Art. 3. The persons designated in the preceding Article may, even after enemy occupation, continue to discharge their functions in the hospital or ambulance with which they serve, or may withdraw to rejoin the units to which they belong.

    When in these circumstances they cease from their functions, such persons shall be delivered to the enemy outposts by the occupying forces.

    Art. 4. The material of military hospitals being subject to the laws of war, the persons attached to such hospitals may take with them, on withdrawing, only the articles which are their own personal property.

    Ambulances, on the contrary, under similar circumstances, shall retain their equipment.

    Art. 5. Inhabitants of the country who bring help to the wounded shall be respected and shall remain free. Generals of the belligerent Powers shall make it their duty to notify the inhabitants of the appeal made to their humanity, and of the neutrality which humane conduct will confer.

    The presence of any wounded combatant receiving shelter and care in a house shall ensure its protection. An inhabitant who has given shelter to the wounded shall be exempted from billeting and from a portion of such war contributions as may be levied.

    Art. 6. Wounded or sick combatants, to whatever nation they may belong, shall be collected and cared for.

    Commanders-in-Chief may hand over immediately to the enemy outposts enemy combatants wounded during an engagement, when circumstances allow and subject to the agreement of both parties.

    Those who, after their recovery, are recognized as being unfit for further service, shall be repatriated.

    The others may likewise be sent back, on condition that they shall not again, for the duration of hostilities, take up arms.

    Evacuation parties, and the personnel conducting them, shall be considered as being absolutely neutral.


    Those who know nothing about war-i.e.most of the answers to this question, and it's rules which all "civilized" nations that have signed it, including the United States and Israel, you need to read it for yourself and see the utter hypocrisy.



    White Phosphorus was not explicitly banned, true enough. However, certain aspects of it's use (i.e. against military resistance in civilian areas) does NOTING but aid in a moral victory for the enemy.

    White Phosphorus IS being used as a chemical weapon, though it's a secondary function. For this loophole, it is not technically banned-though that in no way changes the fact that it is still a chemical attack (this should be reminding you of the Kurds right about now).

    The debate is still going on over it's banning-as it's being used more and more for it's secondary function as a weapon of war.


    Croxx-true, Darfur is far worse, however, that was not the question being addressed. Please do not divert the question. I'm sure there are questions about this topic you would provide excellent answers for.

    Source(s): The First Geneva Convention-
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    Because they were not marked as medics. If you had looked a the pictures, you would have seen that there are no bullet holes in the medics cover only in the body. This means that the markings were put on after the fact. So the Israeli troops did not know who they were. More crap from a uninformed person who is a muslim who likes to kill babies around the world...

    So get you facts straight and stop starting rumors about things you and your kind ly about!!!!

    When fighting a terrorist group they have no rights. You fight them like they fight you. DIRTY!!! Does the palestinians care how they fight the Israeli's. NO. So when they get spanked good. They cry foul. When Israel fights back after being attacked by this terrorist group. You cry foul. Tell the palistinians to go back to syria and take back they're country as it was 2,000 years ago and leave Israel alone!!!!!

    Source(s): Jamal, the bad muslim who is now a baptist reborn.
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    WAR is HELL.. If retarded aid workers want to put themselves in the middle of a war zone that is their business. Same goes for Reporters and any other form of Civilians. If they die its not a war crime just them being stupid enough to be there.

    You know what... I am sick and tired of people crying about GAZA...

    If you want the truth read the following...

    The Palestinians never had their own country... NEVER... Most are former Muslims from Syria which is a neighboring country. Israel wants peace so they give Gaza, and the West Bank to the Palestinians to form their own state government. They elect HAMAS (Thats just asking for trouble) who is a known terrorist organization through out the world just not in the US. For a few months Gaza was lobbing rockets into Israeli civilian areas. They are not accurate but still cause threat to the civilian people. After countless times of Israel asking Gaza to stop they decided to take action. Result, dead Hamas Soldiers, dead Hamas Human Shields, and dead innocent bi standards.

    BTW there is nothing wrong with using White Phosphorus weapons. They may be smoke, flares or incendiary bombs. Bombs are made to destroy not drop cuddly cute teddy bears that win over Hamas.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes. They committed numerous violations culminating in the one that disintegrated the truce. On Nov. 4 they attacked and killed five Gazans from the air. But throughout the truce period they made numerous tank incursions to crush crops around Khan Younis,invariably shooting a few onlookers every time,most of whom died. Last September in one week of tank crop-crushing incusions they shot an killed a 70-year-old man,a 12-year-old boy and a 55-year-old woman,simply for watching the tanks. These are not soldiers; they are criminal psychopaths and their "government" is simply a psychopathic death cult.

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    Israel is not a shining light of democracy, I thought it was a religious state?

    War is a crime however a few medics were attacked what is happening about the ethnic cleansing in Darfur? The villagers are not firing rockets just being killed.

    I appreciate what you say however the death toll is greater in Darfur yet this ethnic cleansing seems to be allowed why?

    Is that because they are black?

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    O! you have to know he history of Palestine/Israel and the Ashkenazi Zionist Jews, and it's a long story, but it's worth reading the history of 'Rothschild',

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    1 decade ago

    Hamas has repeatedly used ambulances, even UN ambulances, to transport militants and weapons, under the assumption that the IDF will not target them. By doing so, such ambulances lose their legitimacy for protection under international law and become legitimate military targets.

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  • 1 decade ago

    How about because they are a pack of murderous, hypocritical a holes who bleat about the suffering of their own grandparents under an obscenely cruel regime...whilst simultaneously emulating each and every one of said regime's ethnic cleansing strategies?

    Source(s): Hey Bloggersville..... I have a mind crush on you...but you don't take emails so I can't ask to add you. Please let me know if you mind that I added you without asking. I think we could have fun here!! You me and Otto...want a threeway? LOL!!
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    Napoleon: "Morality is on the side with greater artillery"

    The Israelis are stronger, far stronger, they can do whatever the hell they want, and at the same time be praised as angels in the media. That's how it works.

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    An invading force of European zionists drives the Palestinians from their homeland using genocide as an active war strategy and after depopulating the region gets to call itself "the Middle East's only democracy"?

    What a travesty.

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