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Are there any Canadian Spy Agencys in Canada?

Are ther any canadain spy agencys, becouse that really be cool with all the gadgets and stuff, ohh and i now about CSIS. Im really bored so can you answer this quick. And Tnx

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    Since you know about CSIS, there is also the CSE - the Communications Security Establishment. It is the Canadian equivalent of the American NSA, or the British GCHQ. There was an excellent book written about life in the CSE (now called the CSEC - CSE Canada) by a Canadian named Mike Frost called Spyworld, which was released in 1994.

    As well, the RCMP has a counterespionage unit. In plain terms, you could say these are the spy hunters.

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    For reasons of National security we Canadians can't speak of these agencies. Suffice it to say--yes, we have many counter espionage organizations, to which we inform the US and UK if something is afoot.

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    Just CSIS. And it is controlled by the United States more or less anyway.

    The RCMP has some, but it is not as military as CSIS is.

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    We also have "Echelon " an agency that tracks all telecommunications

    Big brother has been around for a long time

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    Yes there are, but we're not allowed to talk about them

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    we could tell you but then would have to kill you!! (LOL)

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