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is it true that vegetarians have a harder time gaining muscle?

i became a vegetarian 4 months ago and started track 1 month ago. i want to gain leg muscle and was wondering if vegetarians have a harder time gaining muscle?

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    All food has protein, so unless you starve yourself you will get enough protein. Have a talk with your coach, you should be doing some weight training to help gain muscle mass along with track.

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    nicely i'm a vegetarian myself, being vegetarian is a plenty fit nutrition plan than meat (if accomplished magnificent!!).no longer all animals are killed like that however the fact is that some are, and that i chosen to no longer be somewhat of that industry because of the fact on the top of the day killed humanly or no longer they're nevertheless killed. Eggs, nuts and seeds are all wealthy in protein and could supply greater advantageous than sufficient for what you prefer. you in basic terms ought to stability, as long as you have a form of ingredients then you definately would be superb... a mix of fruit and veg, eggs,seeds and nuts. the place I stay i'm able to actual receive meat substitutes so it grew to become into much less perplexing for me and all of my kinfolk are vegetarian, I even have in no way had meat and have been pronounced vegetarian from a toddler and that i'm now 15 and have grew to become out superb! for women human beings having a vegetarian nutrition plan makes you 20% much less probably to get heart ailment, and learn have shown that vegetarians often stay longer. in basic terms save a stability on your nutrition plan and that's all there is to it.

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    There are lots of vegan and vegetarian athletes out there. Among them many olympians too.

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    Nope, I actually started building more muscle. Eat some peanut butter and beans. Delicious and nutritious.

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    no we don't

    i did track and gained leg muscles in the first week

    it's not harder for us

    just make sure you eat tofu, beans, nuts, lentils, etc

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    If you don't eat legumes you could become protein deficient so make sure you pile on the beans and tofu.

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    No, not at all. The next person to say "yes, coz you lack protein" is a total numpty.

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    i dunno bout vegetarians

    but my sisters boyfriend went hard core vegan for like 6 months and wooooow did he lose muscle.

    just make sure you eat a lot of protein and you shud be fine.

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    Yes, it is. Meat contains protein, and protein is what builds muscles. Buy protein shakes or powders and you should be fine. Good luck

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