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What does it take to be a great QB?

I am wanting to try quarter back next year, because whenever i play it seems to be the most fitting position for me. I would also like to follow in the footsteps of my dad and grandpa, who both have taught me a lot about the position and about the game. I think i am ready, but what does it take to be a great quarterback? Like maybe body size, weight, speed, strength? all input is appreciated, and ten points for best answer. In all the sports i do i am dedicated and usually end up being good at them, so will it just take time? I just want to be the best QB that i can. I'm 6'0, 14 years old, 190 lbs (athletic, not really buff), and i can run a 5.2 40. if you need any more info to give a more detailed answer, don't hesitate to ask.


Just fyi i am improving my forty time, that time was the best of the only two timed fortys i've ever run.

Update 2:

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    At your age 6'0 190 pounds would be about as much as I could expect as a high school coach, so if you beef up a little, work on your mechanics and football IQ you'd be good money. Maybe get some of those training tapes or something. And practicing throwing is obviously important. Working on mechanics, anticipation and not just arm strength but touch and accuracy would all improve your chances to be a good QB.

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    We answered that two days ago. After being on here the short time I have, I've never seen so many + 6' 0", +190 lb freshmen. Must be the water in some sections of this country.

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    you need a good arm and accuracy. Also, wen u r getting rushed by defenders u need to be calm and keep ur cool and just throw the ball.

    u also need height to see over defenders and strenth wen u get hit. speed isnt that big of a factor in QB but if u hav no good recievers then u need to be fast but it isnt that big of a deal if ur kinda slow

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    You need a strong offensive line. A quarterback is not a great athlete, so you have that part of the position down pat.

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    Nice throwing motion and a strong arm.

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    On they have a grading scale that they have for recruits. It is specific to positions, and tells you how they rate players and what order they go in.

    check it out in my source. it can be VERY helpful : )

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    it takes a good arm, but more importantly accuracy. you don't have to be really fast, but having awareness, field vision, and being able to read defenses is key.

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    great how to throw

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