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what is school like in japan?

school uniforms, school times, teachers, discipline...?

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    The school uniforms were boring before.

    It was typical sailor-style school uniform with different lines or colors, or solid school blazer with different colors, depending on the schools.

    About 20 years ago or so, some schools started to use uniform which were designed by famous fashion designers. Those schools became popular by new students, drew draw a great many candidates for examinations. So that many schools followed the way that popular school did, so many high schools have their own design for the students' uniforms.

    The interesting thing I heard was students move from classroom to classroom depending on the subject they take, but in Japan, mostly teachers move classrooms to give a class. (certain subjects such as music classes, chemistry classes, or PE class and so on need students to move to different classrooms, though)

    So students' locker is located different place. (In Japan, we normally have our lockers inside of the classroom, or near the classroom)

    About school regulation, foreigners may feel it is strict. Especially some public high school have strict rules from hair style to the length of their uniform skirt. My high school had a restriction for having part time job after school, as well.

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    school uniforms are must in japanese middle and high school.

    but you wont hate it as much as ppl hate it in the US since everybody is wearing it in japan, no different from you.

    though you dont have to, you are expected to enter school clubs, which is not seasonal like US, it goes thru-out the year.

    school ends at around 4 or 5 because of after class meeting about lastest announcements between your classmates.also clubs are something you have to dedicate a lot to, there are numerous amounts of practises, etc. there will also be trips from your clubs as well which are always fun.

    teachers are very nice and informative, they priorittize students and they engage to help you volunatrily. they become a lot of help. also they will be the ones who will guide you to your university, rather than ur parents(just choosing where to go to)

    in highschool, there is still homerooms and its the teachers who move around from class to class and teach. well except things like art where you need a specialized classroom.

    classes are like your family in school since you guys are always together. it is important to include everyone in the class as well,

    most important thing to remember is probably respect. you shouldnt disrespect the teacher ever. do not bully as well, and help the outcasts. those actions are always taken as courageous by many, whereas in US people would call you a loser.

    also social life does not play a huge role in japanese highschools as it does in US. everyone is a friend of one another. you jsut have to start conversing with them.

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    High stress.Many kids go to school after school.Cram schools.

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