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What do you think of this sibset , honestly?

My sister just had her 7th & 8th babies. I was just thinking how difficult I am having to name just this one baby. She wants to know what you think of her children's names.

Hayden Connor - 15 ( his name wasn't popular then )

Beckett Maxwell - 12 ( Beckett is a family last name )

Sawyer Griffin - 10

James Everett - 7 ( Everett is close to Beckett but it is also a family name )

Henry Brooks - 5

Theodore Asher ' Theo ' -3

Katherine Amelia - Born April 9, 2009

Isabella Elise - Born April 9, 2009

- There last name is Harte

My sister is Anna Constance and her husband is Christopher Michael.

So what do you think ?

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    Hayden Connor - Great name, unique

    Beckett Maxwell - I like it, it's original

    Sawyer Griffin - I really like Sawyer, but I'm not too crazy about Griffin

    James Everett- Very strong masculine name

    Henry Brooks - Henry is classic and Brooks is modern, I love this name

    Theodore Asher - Very nice name!

    Katherine Amelia - Omigosh! I love this name! It's so adorable! Also, an adorable nickname would be Kate

    Isabella Elise - This name is so gorgeous! It flows really well, and it's such a beautiful name. Also, Ella would be a precious nickname!

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    I hate the name Hayden because I don't like how it's so trendy. Sawyer reminds me of the character on Lost, so I don't really know about that one. All of the others are fantastic. I especially love Katherine Amelia and Isabella Elise. They are very classic and sophisticated. Theodore is as well. All of the other names are nice, too.

  • Wow. Those are some gorgeous names. They are original and flow beautifully. I feel she did a spectacular job in naming each & every one of them!

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    Nice and normal! I love how you used family names- it makes it more special.

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    first I have to say HOLY CRAP she has a lot of boys.. haha anyway the names are great

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    Wow... I honesly like them all.. they're really cool... and they aren't to common but not to unique either.

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    1 decade ago

    nice names :)

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