"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." ->> does that mean everyone has the ability to be a genius?



How can I become one? Steps..

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    That is a lie.

    Genius is more like 50% genetic, and 50% environment.

    People are born with a skill set (be that math, music, or computer programming) and it is either nurtured or not by their environment.

    The 1%/99% attitude is what is behind "No Child Left Behind" - except that some kids are stupid, some will never succeed, some will never go or do well in college, and some will be left behind.

  • Curfo
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    1 decade ago

    Persperation = work. If you have an idea (invention, business, book, etc.), then you must work at it to make it become real.

    This is not saying that Stephen Hawking had to work at being a genius, he just is.

    The saying means that when something really special comes along, it is called "genius", when it was really just hard work.

  • Bill
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    1 decade ago

    Possibly. to become a genius you need the innate potential, that is the "genius" capacity.

    This exercises in this book


    done by colege students in a semester of study cause an increast in IQ averaging about 20 points.

    If you're interested, get this book now. It's out of print, and that price is fantastic. It's a treasure! I have two copies and got while I was in college years ago.

    This book too is good:


    Or any of the others on this page...


    A further word: It is more realistic for you to work at learning to use your brain and IQ-power better and to the max that you can. Rather than trying to become a "genius."

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    Genius is a trait that can be developed or lost.

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    No, it means people sweat a lot :P JK

    I think it means in order to do well, you have to work hard.

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