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[Rock&Pop] Your help please...?

Ok that title just reminded me of Help! you know by the Beatles. Anyway.......

(Keep this in mind,you don't have to be a fan, i just want an opinion)

What genre would you consider Joni Mitchell, like i was curious and on the Itunes bio it was the following under genres

Pop,Singer/Songwriter,Folk-Rock,Rock,Arena Rock,Vocal Jazz,Dance,Jazz,Soft Rock,Vocal Pop, Adult Alt. and many more

So what do you think..?

BQ-If you are a fan, some fave songs ?


And also is she good, like what do you guys think of her music wise ?

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    Joni Mitchell is truly a wonderful musician. She has songs that just stop me in my tracks.

    I don't know what genre. I put her in with James Taylor and some CSNY/CSN.



    My Old Man



    Ladies Of The Canyon

    Morning Morgantown

    Free Man In Paris

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    I would suggest you either pick one that you like and use that consistently with all of her music or judge each song individually. I don't try to differentiate between which songs of John Prine's or Steve Goodman's are "country," "blues," "rock," or "folk," I just put 'em all under "folk."

    Favorite Joni Mitchell song: "Big Yellow Taxi." I was stationed in Hawaii for 18 months and thought of her every time I saw the Royal Hawaiian. I wish people would stop doing such terrible remakes of it.

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    Depends. Early career to about mid 70s folk rock. Than she did some experimentation with Jazz

    So I'll say Folk Rock and Jazz.

    BA:Big Yellow Taxi

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    Joni is considered Folk. I've only owned one album of hers:Court And Spark....although I think I also owned a Quadrophonic issue of The Hissing Of Summer Lawns as well.

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    folk/rock/jazz and she is also a well known painter, great Canadian girl.


    Big Yellow Taxi


    You Turn Me On I'm A Radio


    My Secret Place

    Good Friends

    If I Had A Heart


    take care


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    i'm not a big fan of labels or trying to pigeonhole something by giving it a label.

    i like both sides now, ladies of the canyon, my old man, tin angel, the circle game, in france they kiss on main street....she has lots of good stuff.

    yeah, she's good. she was a much larger influence than people realize.

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    She sounds pop or alternative to me.

    My mom used to listen to her, I don't know any of her songs but iv'e heard a few.

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