What is the name of Sir Galahad's sword in Arthurian Legend?

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    Most knights’ swords in Arthurian tales are not given names.

    Sir Galahad's first sword, which he drew from a stone floating on the water, is never given a name.

    Later Galahad receives another sword for which we are given a name: Espee as Estrainges Renges meaning "Sword of the Strange Hangings”. In the Galahad romance this is explained because of a prophecy that the sword will receive a new belt to replace its current belt which is unworthy. Perceval’s sister provides a belt woven from her hair.

    A sword of the same name appears in Chrétien's “Perceval ou le conte del Graal'' which is the earliest known grail romance. The Sword of the Strange Hangings is offered as a reward to anyone who can rescue the maiden besieged in the hill below Montesclaire. Gawain takes on the quest, and wins the sword in the First Continuation of “Perceval”. The First Continuation explains that the Sword had originally belonged to the Jewish patriot Judas Maccabeus. In Raoul de Houdenc’s Meraugis of Portlesguez as well, Gawain embarks on an adventure to obtain the sword on the Island without a Name.

    No explanation of the name appears in either romance.

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    As far as I know, Sir Galahad owned 2 different swords during his time in King Arthur's court. As Jallan answered, the first sword he owned was pulled from a stone floating on a lake. However, before the sword was placed in the stone, it belonged to Sir Balin, the Knight of Two Swords. When it belonged to him, the sword was named "The Sword with the Red Hilt." Sir Balin, and his brother, Sir Balan, killed each other in a duel. Merlin took The Sword with the Red Hilt and placed it in rock and floated it out in a lake for Sir Galahad at a later time. The sword kept its name when it changed owners.

    Then, years later, on the quest for the holy grail, sir Galahad and his company came across another sword when they boarded a strange ship that was covered in white silk. This sword was known as "The Sword of Strange Girdles."

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    right here you pass: Sir Aglovale/Agloval de Galis Sir Agrawain/Agravain King Bagdemagus Sir Balan of Northumbria Sir balin of both Swords Sir Bedivere Sir Bors the more youthful Sir Breunor the more youthful (aka Breunor le Noir) Sir Calogrenant/Colgrevance Sir Caradoc/Carados of the reliable Arm Prince Claudin Sir Cliges Sir Dagonet Sir Daniel of the Flowering Valley Sir Dinadan Sir Dornar Sir Elyan the White / Helyan le Blanc Sir Ector Sir Erec Sirs Gaheris, Gawain, and Gareth, the sons of King Lot of Orkney. Sir Galahad Sir Galehaut/Gallehault Sir Galeschin Sir Garel of the Flowering Valley Sir Geraint Sir Gingalain le Bel Inconnu (the honest unkown) Sir Griflet Sir Hector de Maris Sir Hoel/Hywel Sir Kay/Cei/Kei Sir Lamorak Sir Lancelot du Lac Sir Lanval King Leodegrance/Leondegrance Sir Lionel Sir Lucan Sir Mordred Sir Morholt/Marhault Sirs Palomides, Segwarides, & Safir (3 brothers of Saracen foundation) Sir Pelleas King Pellinore Sir Percival /Peredur Sir Sagramore Sir Tor Sir Tristan/Tristram/Drystan King Urien/Urience Sir Ywain/Owain (valid son of King Urien) Sir Ywain the ******* (ILLegitimate son of King Urien!) be conscious: the Arthurian legends replace very a lot for the time of historic previous - some characters disappear from later variations of the legend, and new ones are presented. as an celebration, Hywel is definitely one of Arthur's band contained in the Welsh Celtic legends... yet he hardly ever powerful aspects contained in the later medieval variations. Gawain is the champion of Arthur's court docket contained in the ealry legends... yet his function is given to Lancelot contained in the later variations. on the different hand, Sir Cliges is definitely one of the characters presented contained in the 12th century by technique of the French poet Chretien de Troyes. As to the large type... the type of the Knights replaced into in no way a large component contained in the legends. It had no mystic value. not one of the variations has as few as 13, although. An early medieval translation of the formerly Welsh legends, written in 1100, mentions 225 adult adult males of Arthur's retinue. The Winchester round table had 25 places, yet this is a overdue medieval duplicate equipped for King Henry VIII. wish that enables!

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    I don't know that Galahad's sword had a name!

    Now you have me wondering.

    Try googling Jeffrey of Monmouth, or Swords in King Aurthur Legends.

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    Sword of Logris

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