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1 Eye Top eye lid is pink a swollen?

On one of my childrens eye, the top eye lid is swollen and pink. It fells really heavy like when you are tired, any answers, thanks for all your answers


he says its not ichy or anything at all, the top of the eye is pink and swollen, and heavy, thats it nothing eles

Update 2:

It is the whole top of the eye lid, and yes, he did not get a lot of sleep, i am pretty sure he did, he went with his dad to work (truckdriver) and its really hard to get a lot of sleep in those trucks

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    There are literally countless things that could be wrong. If the eye itself isn't bloodshot or red, it's likely not pink eye. If it's just one small part of the lid that is swollen, it could be a sty.

    I recommend seeing a doctor just to rule out something nasty like cellulitis...but to soothe the eye for tonight, take a tea bag (black tea works best) and soak it in water as hot as your child can stand, and then place it on the eye with a washrag over it to catch drips. Keep it there until it's cool.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Just cause you have a sty does not mean that there needs to be pus. A sty is dirt built up in your tear ducts and can be very painful-I suffer from them. You could also have pink eye--which is very contagous. If a sty is not taken care of it could turn into an infection which then can be contageous. But a sty alone is not contageous.

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    This is probably a sty. You can get these from excess oil on the eye. To get rid of it, take a wash cloth and put hot water on it then ring it out as much as possible. After you do this, have him put it over his eye for about 5 minutes. This should take the swelling down faster. Good luck :]

    Source(s): Personal experiance
  • 1 decade ago

    Usually it's most likely that you didn't get enough sleep, that you've been awake awhile. Or it could be pink eye. You should go to the Doctor in case it's pink eye.

  • 1 decade ago

    its maybe a pink eye.

  • serina
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    1 decade ago

    It might be a stye.

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