What's the best way to find out what's happenening in Pakistan?

I need to do a project on Pakistan, but I really don't understand anything. What's the best way to learn about Pakistan issues, looking into their past?? If so does anyone have some really good websites to share about Problems and stuff about Pakistan!! Thank-you very much!!


also for my Pakistan issues should i includethe Taliban??

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    Pakistan and india were once the same country. They partitioned the country and currently there is a lot of controversy over the kashmir region.

    Pakistan is an islamic country and there if conflict between more progressive sects of islam and more conservative sects. Conservative Islamic sects do not want to give women equal rights, in most regards they are very oppressive to women. More progressive sects would even go so far as to let them be leaders.

    Northern Pakistan and most of the moutain regions along the afghanistan border are pretty much controlled by tribes.

    The taliban has strong support among the conservative islamic sects. This has created tension with the US, as they have basicly been given safe haven because the government does not want to run them out for fear of creating another civil war. Pakistan recently had one, that is how musasharef came to power.

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    U will get DETAILED ANSWER from this link: For the fight on terror of USA, Pakistan have suffered the most, even "Manawan Police Center" is targetted.? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Av1b7... plz read between the lines.

    Army: Pakistan troops capture militant stronghold


    Tribute to brave Pakistani nation in the backgound music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.


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    Pakistani news channel websites to give u DAILY REPORTS:




    Source(s): Contact me if u want to know more about Pakistan on any specific topic: actions_furysroar@yahoo.com
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    I think you read rediff news site,pak news channel geo TVs site & some international news sites And oh yes you should obvioussly include Taliban issues in that

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    Here is a good website of news and views if you can read Urdu.


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    Ummmm the internet?

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