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Ancient China question?

My class is doing ancient civilization and i chose china as the civilization i need an interesting place at china and which year of it. I need interesting facts and why they are they interesting. i will be taking a look at kings slaves etc.....


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    Well, the possibilities are endless here. China has over 5000 years of "known history" therefore there are lots of things to talk about.

    Depends on what you want to focus on. I would suggest you go to wikipedia and type ancient China or the names of the dynasties to see if there are anything that interests you.

    If you like science and technology, you can discuss the great inventions of china notable, paper, printing, compass, and gunpowder. These inventions alone change the face of the medieval world.

    If you like to discuss China as a civilization then you will need to go by dynasties. Generally they can be divided into Pre-historic China, Classical and early Empire, Later Empire and Modern China. My personal favourite is the Tang dynasty. It is still referred to as the Golden Age of China. China's culture reached its zenith and was known throughout Asia and reached all the way to the Middle East. Chang An, the capital city of the Tang was the most cosmopolitan in the world with at least 1 million people inside the city and another million surrounding it. People from all over Asia, central Asia and even some parts of europe went to China. It was common for example to see blond people in the streets of Chang An. Ofcourse, the silk road was very important and brought trade and communication between China and the rest of the world.

    If you like earlier dynasties, then I would say the Han dynasty which was contemporary to Roman civilization or the Three Kingdom Period which has lots of knightly figures, ruthless rulers, crafty advisors and damsels in distress. The famous novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is based on this period including games like Dynasty Warriors.

    But if you like to focus on important figures that influence China then there are lots to choose from.

    The following are only a few examples:

    Qin Shi Huang (the first emperor of China, that is he united the country for the first time)

    Confucious-famous philosopher

    For women figures:

    Wu Zetian-the only woman in china's history to rule as an emperor.

    Yang Guei Fei-the infamous femme fatale of China's history considered the most beautiful woman comparable to legendary beauties such as Helen of Troy and Cleopatra.

    The list goes on and on...

    Hope that helps..

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    Take some culture facts of ancient China.

    It is not easy to learn a full of information of the dynasties of ancient China. It is better to choose a topic, then see its history and development, more interesting facts may be found

    Some China facts for referrence

  • Take Song Dynasty (960–1279) Lots of interesting and new things happened during those times.

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    Here is a ancient history of China site. It will help you more to learn the detailed facts of China history.

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    What about the Terracotta Army in Xian, they are made by the Qinshihuang, who was the first emperor of China.

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    This website has some interesting facts and statistics about China. It includes a section on "places of interest." You could choose one of those and research it further to see if you could use it in your project.

    Good luck!

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