Graphics cards.. with counter strike/halflife2/portal?

ok i have counter strike source, half life 2, portal, and a whole mess of other games, because my friend gave me his steam account.

now my computer is normally fast, its a AMD athlon x2 processor with windows XP, but my graphics card sucks.. i don't even know the size or anything... But when i play maps in counter strike like de_dust2 i lagg, it all shows up but i move slow and choppy, same with playing portal and half life 2 (although i can play aim_texture maps in counter strike just fine), if i got a good graphics card, perhaps a 512 mb to a 1 gb graphics card, would this eliminate my lagg completely?

And tell me brands you'd recommend too would be great, i was thinking a 1gb ATI or nvida

I'm hoping for as many answers as possible. The more detailed the better.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You should really know what Graphics Card (or the specs of it) that you have.

    Intergrated, cheap Intel 32mb GFX cards will probably not play Orange Box games. (Intergrated means connected to the mother board. Usually this is the card that comes with the computer for free). You don't need a buff 512mb GFX card to play these games; although it WOULD help in the long run if you plan on buying GFX intensive games like...Crysis.

    Take my GFX card for example:

    Ol' dusty, busted-up 2005 Geforce 5200Fx...can run CS:S, Portal, and Half-Life 2 on Medium settings. BUT, because I bought such an old GFX card, I couldn't play Steam's next game: Left4Dead. So, you kinda see how this works.

    If all you want is the above games to run, then look for something like a $30-$50, 128-256mb GFX card. Personally, I would invest in a good, but (slightly) old graphics card so that you'll be set for the next round of games that come out.

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  • 3 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    128mb cards generally play css hl2 ect ok

    256 cards play them well, i have a 8600gt256 and it plays fine, although to play more intense games like crysis ect you'll need better. I'd suggest getting an ATI HD 4890 1gb card. although you'd have to make sure your mother board supports it. If not just go down a few cards... or try the nvidia cards although they are more expensive for top end cards..

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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