what is wrong with me?

lately i have been feeling uncontrollable, like invincible sort of but then right after i feel completely dead like as if i will die, and i just cry and cry and if im not crying then im thinking about crying and i dont know whats going on i procrastinate, but not regular procrastination its like chronic procrastination like its a disorder or something its almost as if i cant do the task i have to do like im incapable but when i get motivated i can do anything and then the next second i cant do anything am i losing my mind or is it all just in my mind i tried the whole psychology thing where you tell yourself you're making it all up and stuff but i dont know whats going on. i do have pretty bad anxiety at times but this is a whole new thing i dont know

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  • 1 decade ago
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    sounds like a mood disorder, prob major depression

    just go to a psychologist or a therapist if you feel that it is very serious.

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