Resources and books on ethical eating/ vegetarianism / veganism?

I've always been very bothered by eating meat, and go through long periods of vegetarianism, without identifying myself as "vegetarian". As a general rule, I don't prefer meat, don't consume dairy, so conversion to a different dietary style shouldn't be too hard. However, life being life I've ended up with a relatively carnivorous partner, and have fallen into the trap of cooking meat frequently.

As of late, I've started to be more cognizant again as to the ethics of my eating, and am deeply considering adopting a completely vegetarian or vegan diet (among some other lifestyle changes). The reasons for this, as for everyone, are many, but it is a clear decision that I would like to make one way or the other.

I'm just wondering if anyone could recommend some interesting reads or resources on ethical eating. I've done the 'animal righs group that shall remain nameless' reading, and while it doesn't settle well with the propaganda influenced me, it also doesn't resonate from to the intellectual me.

I'm reading "the Omnivore's Dilemma" and enjoying it.

I'm hoping that people can suggest some thoughtful, insighful, and not extreme-driven materials for reference and enjoyment. I'd like to educate myself more before making a decision, and then hopefully will have some influence on my partner's choices as well. I intend to respect his choice in chosing to adopt a new lifestyle for himself, but would love to help him become educated as well.

Also, any vegan / vegetarian cookbook suggestions that provide "normal' meals would be great, to help ease the transition, and show my partner that meals don't have to mean a ruined environment and dead animals to be tasty. I have Vegan with a Venegance on order, as well as Veganomicon.

Thanks so much!


I know I'll never be ethical.. would just like to consider myself "conscious" so to speak :)

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    Hi there,

    There are a lot of thoughtful books on this topic. Examples:

    - The Food Revolution, by John Robbins (a great discussion of compassion and ethics)

    - Becoming Vegan, by Brenda Davis (from a dietitian's perspective)

    - Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating, by Erik Marcus ("hard-hitting and factually based," says one editorial review on

    As for cookbooks, I like the series from Sarah Kramer and Tanya Barnard: How It All Vegan, the Garden of Vegan, etc.

    Happy reading!

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    I'm not reading all of that lol sorry

    but i assume you are looking for a book to read.. try Diet for a New America by John Robbins,

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    then you should read about the atomic age revolution.

    about processed foods, extended shelf life, science and chemicals industry and plastics.... so on.

    man, you'll poop!

    anyways... recipes and foods are the least of it.

    just start keywording in and take your time... you'll find so much you will never have enough time to ingest it all.

    did you know that just being online is causing destruction to animals and their element?

    so it's virtually impossible to be 110% vegan and ethical.. but after all these years of peace making with my veganism and my fraud/failure i feel.... i just accept it as "one's capacity".

    Source(s): vegan, 34 years.
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    I feel that my diet is ethical. and I am not ruining the environment.

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