How many calories do u burn when you masturbate?

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If so How many??
Just wondering..
Update : Im a Woman!!
I dont have sperm!!
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haha I never thought of that lol. I just looked it up and you burn 25-35 calories for every 20 minutes of masturbation. So you can have a good work out and a good *uck. :P

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  • AcquariusX answered 5 years ago
    In your case it depends on then how much moans and groans and orgasmic bends you do. In my case it depends on how long I stroke and how much I emit.
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  • Roskty answered 5 years ago
    It depends how active you are. But probably not that much...maybe less than 100.
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  • Portugue§e G!rl answered 5 years ago
    Prior to any real answer I must ask you...How many calories would u like to burn? I have read that one uses 25-35 calories for every 20 minutes of seated sustained masturbation. During ejaculation I read that you use 8-10 calories to eject the semen from your penis
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  • Zoé B answered 5 years ago
    depends on how long & ummm hard you do it i guess... they say it burns about 15-35 for every 20 mins but idk... that makes at least 75 cals for an hour so yeahh you could probably burn a small piece of cake or 1-2 WHOLE watermelon so yeahhh xD


    have a nice workout.... and a nice **** x))
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  • Wefaq answered 5 years ago
    enough to get you tired
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  • Melorious answered 5 years ago
    I think you wold be building muscle more than burning calories, any calories you did lose would be in your arm as its doing all of the work, I'd say not al lot really, probably about forty calories at most per session
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  • BORED d(-_-)b answered 5 years ago
    ahaha youd have to do sum serious masturbating to burn any
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  • Paul RN answered 5 years ago
    Not enough to call it "exercise!"
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  • . answered 5 years ago
    lol, can u burn calories?
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  • Broly answered 5 years ago
    it depends on the person
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  • D.O.C. answered 5 years ago

    Well you know now how to burn Lot of calories.



    Thats just stupid , do you know normal life span of a sperm is 72 hrs so it doesnot matter if you masturbate or not, they will die and the new ones will replace them. Technically they are single celled so I dont know if I should even use the term Die!
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  • Plop ♥             answered 5 years ago
    a lot!!!! have you seen 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps?

    Johnny was fat then he gets loads of porn and he wanks for ages and hes skinny again!!!

    Hope i helped :)
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