Morality & Christianity?

Does Christianity really promote morality?

Christians believe that as long as you believe in God and genuinely beg for forgiveness, that God will forgive you for any and every sin you have committed.

So if I kill a million people, rape women & children, rob & steal, curse the name of God, torture animals and people, have many many sexual partners whom I'm not married to, engage in homosexual acts and sexual acts with animals, get drunk & high every night, worship the devil, etc, etc, etc...

Anyway, I do ALL THIS STUFF for 80 years, and at the ripe old age of 105, I get really terminally ill. On my death bed, I get "born-again", I discover Jesus, and I'm GENUINELY sorry for all the things I've done in my life. I pray to God to forgive me, because I'm too sick to reconcile with the people I've hurt.

So my question is:

1) Will I be forgiven?

2) If so, whats the point in living a moral life, if you can just beg for forgiveness and still go to heaven anyway?

3) If I wouldn't be forgiven, wouldn't this go against what God promised and make God a liar?

4) If I am forgiven, would this mean that I'm more moral than atheists, polytheists, and non-believers regardless of how morally they have lived their lives?

I seriously would like to hear your answers.

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    Good question. It doesn't seem like anyone has been able to answer all your questions. I wonder why. Some people seem to think that atheist & agnostics are people that question God's existence because they think if gives them liberty to do whatever they want. As if someone couldn't just observe the world and logically question the existence of God. Ironically, believing in the bible's teachings seems to imply that you will always be forgiven for a sin as long as you 1) believe in Christ and 2) are genuinely sorry. So where's the incentive to act morally if you will be forgiven anyway.

    Someone mentioned that good works is the way you will reach salvation. So if a Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan, or Hindu does good works, will they go to heaven? Whats more important, doing good works or just believing in Jesus Christ as our savior?

    Its illogical to believe that a murderer and rapist can go to heaven but someone like Gandhi will burn in Hell.

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    My friend, here is the answer list witha little extra:

    1. yes

    2. One of the problems we face is not knowing the time of our death. We may make it, we may not. There is a parable in the Bible about some men looking for work early in the morning, and they find it in a farm owner. He promises to pay them a denarius, or whatever it was (i forgot the exact amount, which is unimportant now anyway.) He also goes back out and hires some more guys in the afternoon for the same amount. Then in the evening he finds a guy looking for work. He hires him for the same amount. When it was time to be paid, he gave the all the same amount and the first and second workers complained. The land owner asked them, and I am paraphrasing, did I not pay you what I promised? Is it not my money to do as I please? I wanted to do good and it is my money. God is telling us just as this owner offered the same benefit to the worker who only worked a little, he is willing to give the same heaven to all, no matter when they accept the offer. The point to living a good life is what happens after you become a Christian. The Bible says that everything we do will be tried by fire, some things will burn up. Like if you give to the homeless only for the tax exclusion, not really caring if they actually help someone. All things that are good will remain. For those good actions and deeds, you will receive crowns and will eventually place them at the feet of Jesus. Can you imagine going to see Him and not having anything to give Him? Some say it may not be as happy as imagined. Again, some say......

    3. Non-applicable

    4. Yes, you would be better than those you named. Why? The Bible says that our righteousness is like filthy rags to God. When we are forgiven, we are wearing (i am using an analogy) the new clothes that God gave us to replace the old dirty ones. Check out the parable of the wedding that the guy wearing dirty clothes came to. They did not let him in because he was dressed wrong. Once saved, you are a new creation. So again, yes you would be better, cause the morally great lives of the atheists, polytheists and non-believers just wouldnt compare to the life you have in Jesus.

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    Be serious, first off you are merely trying to make a mockery out of God. This is evident by your theory of why bother. If you know something is wrong and you do it anyway The Word Of God teaches that you will be punished for your disobedience. Does this mean you won't be forgiven? No. The thing you must first understand is, God knows what you are thinking so if you are on your death bed and decide you are scared of the consequences then God will know and you will not be forgiven. Everything you do or think is taken into consideration when you meet your end. If you truly did not know something was wrong then it will not be held against you. If you knowingly sin then you will suffer for your transgressions. By the way Atheism is not real! People who claim to be Atheists try to explain everything with science but even science has pr oven there is God.

  • Good questions

    1) Yes, you will be forgiven. God says that if we repent of our sins and trust in God for our salvation, we will be forgiven.

    2) If you live morally, you will be gathering rewards in heaven. There will be certain levels in heaven and if someone does the things you said and they repent the moment before they die, they will inhabit the lower parts of heaven. It will still be wondeful, but not as good as those who have been living for Christ their whole lives. Also, you can't be sure that you'll be able to ask forgiveness before you die. Coma, car-crash, heart may not get a chance.

    3) You will be forgiven. But you have to repent (turn from sin) and trust in Jesus BEFORE you die.

    4) You will be holier than atheists, polytheists, etc, the moment you are born again. Jesus will have washed your sins away. Your past life may not have been more moral than them, but you will be perfect in the sight of God through the atoning work of Jesus on the cross.

    Hope this helps!

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    Morality at first comes from the Conscience, which by the way is the Spirit of Christ given to all mankind. But, I don't think morality is the conscience. Morality is the true way for a human to act sexually in the world. This is Christianity and following orders. "Though shall not comit adultery, or fornication etc, are the laws of Deity and are morality. There is no difference at all. Laws of Deity just covers all of life, not on function of life.

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    Yes, you would be forgiven - the key word in your question being "genuinely". Someone who plans on living an immoral life and begging for forgiveness at the end - assuming he isn't killed instantly some time before then - would have a hard time convincing God that his deathbed "conversion" is "genuine".

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    I think the problem that quite a few people have is a lack of understanding about Biblical "repentance." The word "repentance" in the Bible means "a turn around." Making a U-turn is a good example of repentance. The Bible clearly teaches that repentance is necessary for salvation. So don't think that Christians have a license to sin; on the contrary, they will be held more accountable to God if they are sinning in the knowledge of the truth.

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    Analagies and opinions of extremes pose difficult issues.

    Some are called early in life and reject over and over again.

    Calling upon the Lord while he is near is better than waiting for your death bed prayers, repentances.

    Some people have these doctrines.

    Yes to the morality issues.

    People go to great lengths to cause people to sin in many regards aside from our adversary.

    National idolitries too are seen as sin as well as the national, culture and creed or even religious pride.

    The bible does not speak of levels of morality, holiness, lust weaknesses.

    In part but righteous is not an avenue itself that leads to salvation.

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    A predisposition to engage in all of those practices for a period of eighty years is not easily dealt with nor can it be swept under the carpet in one second. I try to remember that Christ was crucified between two thieves. One was forgiven on that day. Attitude was important here. The forgiven theif told the other one, "This man has done nothing."

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    First off, you dont beg for forgiveness, you ask. You have to be willing to accept the spirit of God to believe in him, and "deciding" to change your ways 3 minutes before death might not get that done. Your forgiveness of sin does not change how moral you are or are not. and lastly, only God can forgive your sin, therefore i can't speculate as to where you might stand after all that bad stuff. He knows your heart

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