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what is the craigslist killer?

what is the craigslist killer?


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    Twenty-six-year-old Julissa Brisman was tied up and shot several times in a Boston area hotel room by someone who solicited her massage services on Craigslist. This was the second killing in the area in a week originating with a Craigslist ad.

    The other victim was identified as a Las Vegas prostitute but was thought to be an isolated incident until Brisman’s murder.

    Julissa Brisman

    Police have released surveillance video of a man they suspect is the Craigslist killer. According to various reports he was at both hotels the nights of the respective killings.

    ( notes at one point he was wearing a Red Sox hat and offers team stats for readers losing interest in the local murder article. Otherwise, the Herald has dubbed the murderer the “.com killer” instead and has pleaded to online readers for tips about the victim.)

    According to various reports, Brisman was a New York-based model and actress who worked at a tanning bed and who recently began offering her massage services on Craigslist. Friends and family have denied speculation Brisman was offering sexual services as well. One report says Brisman used to photograph of another model for her craigslist ad.

    The victim has a well developed online persona. She had a Facebook account and worked as a model for Nearear, a cell phone courtesy advocacy organization. Brisman stars in a video made to promote the cause.

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