Cascadia, Quebec, etc?

I was born in Seattle, Washington. I have until recently considered myself a "proud American" for certain reasons. I have recently found a independance movement based in British Columbia and Washington trying to gain independance from Canada and the US to form Cascadia because of our similarites BC and the Pacific Northwest are so similar why not make the idea logical. Also what do you think of liberating Quebec and allowing them to become a nation rather then a part of Canada?


Actually, according to statistics, Cascadia would have the third largest economy in the world. We would have most of America's natural trade with Asia(China), because of our relative geography. Washington + Oregon are some of the richest states in the US, we even have the highest minimum wage $7+.

I don't really care that much about Quebec, I was mainly talking about the nation Cascadia, and I was asking mainly people who live in British Columbia, not the whole of Canada, because obviously you don't understand.

Microstates anyone?

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    I thought Quebec had already decided against that 15 years ago or so. There will always be separatists in Quebec, but the native areas in the north would probably decide to stay with Canada and there are a few other areas that might want to leave Quebec too. That wasn't too appealing and then there was that thing about taking part of the national debt with them not to mention no more transfer payments. Overall it didn't look like such a good deal to the people of Quebec.

    I hadn't heard about Cascadia, but Alberta rattles their oil derricks periodically and the Newfoundlanders say they wish they had never joined when they are disgrunted. This sort of squawking is part of the Canadian political landscape.

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    The USA will never allow that because...

    1. It's against the constitution even though Obama likes to pretend we don't have one.

    2. It wasn't only Washington it was western Montana, North Idaho .They would combine with the capital being Spokane. And a state called Cascadia. This idea died in the 80's and no one thinks about it anymore. So if they wont make a State why would they want to make a new country? It would be very poor.

    3. Canada can join the USA but I would never join Canada into a new country.

    Source(s): Im from North Idaho
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    Dream will never happen.. do you think anyone in Canada wants any part of the craziness going on in the U.S. right now.

    Liberating Quebec? Exactly how.. you bringing the militia or something..? Again , will never happen.. The French that do not want ot be part of Canada can go to France if they wish..OR if the province truly wants to separate, then get ready for every single Canadian entity to be pulled out.. like highways, railways, airports, money, etc etc......This is why is has not happened !

    But hey.. I hear Texas is looking for a new home....

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