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Why do my dogs so itchy?

My two dogs were fine until they turned about one year old and now they scratch all day and lick/chew their feet and I don't know why.

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    Fleas may be true (although you would typically see more hair loss, itchyness, and chewing at the sides and near the tail), but at about 1 yr of age food allergies begin showing up. Food allergies typically have signs of ear infections and chewing, licking at feet. Also, with the change in seasons it could be an inhalled allergies.

    I would see your vet. You could try Benedryl and the vet may want to try low dose steroids. If your dogs respond to this, then it is most likely more atopy (inhalant allergies) rather than food. If not, next is a 12 week food trial on a hydrolyzed diet or a novel protein diet. If you would rather forego all of this - you may want to ask for a referral to a veterinary dermatologist who can do skin allergy testing and have injections formulated for the allergy.

    Anyways, allergies are very difficult to deal with, are costly and time consumeing to treat. You may have a rough road ahead of you so good luck. Take them in to your vet and get started!

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    Either flees or allergies. If you don't see any black creatures or droppings on the dog then its probably allergies, which then you should switch their food to a allergy kind that doesn't have wheat. Some dogs are allergic to what they eat and if that doesn't help then take them to the vet and get some shampoo for allergies.

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    if they started being itchy at the same time or close to it they could have flees or lice so give them a flee collar and see if it stops if it doesn't CALL the vet and ask for advise and then take them into the vet if he tells you to.

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    Our lab had the same issue but it was allergies. He's on medicine now that alleviated it.

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    they could possibly have fleas- you or your vet should regularly give the dogs flea medicine

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    he might have fleas !

    he could even maybe have mites...

    it could also be lice...

    i would say that you should go see a vet to be sure of what it is.

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