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What would be some good Hawaiian souvenirs to bring home?

Hi! We're going to be honeymooning in Hawaii this summer and I was curious what kinds of things should we look for as fun, unique, memorable, etc. souvenirs to bring back for family and friends? We'll be visiting Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, and Oahu. Thanks!


How long does a lei last?

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    * There is a local jewelery chain called Na Hoku which sells jewelry with island motifs, that still can be worn on the mainland. Prices are fairly reasonable for what you get, and you won't get ripped off like some of the other shops.

    * I agree with the other respondent on Hawaiian music cd's. Check out Keali'i Reichel, the reigning vocalist, and also check out "Iz" (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) who is internationally reknown, and you have probably heard him on a commercial or movie soundtrack without knowing it. If someone likes relaxing vibes, slack-key guitar playing is famous in the islands, and there are great "slack key masters" anthologies you can buy.

    * If you want to bring back food besides the inevitable chocolate-covered macademia nuts, there is a pie-maker on the Big Island south of Kailua-Kona (in or near Keauhou) called MacPies. It is basically pecan pie made with macademia nuts instead of pecans. They ship to the mainland if you don't want to pack. Also keeping with food, you can buy hawaiian-grown coffee, kona coffee being the most famous. In fact since you are going to the big island, there is a great artist town above kailua-kona called Holualoa (it's actually in a cloud forest rainbelt, this plus the rich volcanic soil gives rise to this coffee bean quality), and a kona coffee cooperative processing plant where you can take tours, taste samples and buy kona coffee. Even there, be warned it is still pricey but oh-so-FRESH. The other islands grow coffee but it is absolutely not the same!!!!!!!!!!

    * You can give each other and also bring home a beautiful flower lei. Many smell wonderful. Used to be more popular and you could always tell a flight in from Hawaii because people would unpack their leis to give to family members as they met them at the airport. Plumeria and tuberose smell the best but will last only a few days (if you mist it with water all the time and keep it cool), a white ginger lei smells like heaven but will last only a day, and orchids (dendrobiums) last the longest, well over a week or even more. I recommend Cindy's Florist which is not the cheapest (we're still only talking about $10 for an orchid lei) but quality is high (they also ship). You can then walk down the famous street where she is to watch the ladies stringing leis.

    One of the original Hawaiian designs from territory (pre-state) days was sand-blasting tropical designs on clear glassware, like hibiscus, plumeria, bird of paradise, philodendron, etc. You can still buy this in places from time to time, but check Macy's (!!). Prices vary.

    * There are some interesting tropical cookbooks for island cooking recipes, many local ones sold in the islands and not available even on Amazon. Island cooking is a fusion of Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese American, Portugese and Filipino cooking.

    If you want to bring home hawaiian calendars for people, there is the inevitable beautiful-young-islander photos, but two popular island artists to look for are Pegge Hopper ("Ladies of Hawaii") which she does each year, or if you want a "cute" calendar Rosalie Prussing is very popular.

    Be careful on the standard souvenirs, many which are made in the

    Philippines, Indonesia or even China. This includes the wood bowls, statues, "Hawaiian" quilts, shells, woven hats and purses, keychains, pens, stationary, and a lot of ceramics. If you don't care where they are made, these are traditional souvenirs and not too expensive. More expensive is tapa (or kapa) cloth (fabric made from pounded tree bark) and then printed in brown tones. These are really gorgeous but prices are high, and they are usually from places like Fiji.

    Congratulations to you and good luck.

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    This might sound cheesy but you should buy one of those hula dancer toy things. If you don't know what I'm talking about you will when you go there.

    They also have some of the best smelling candles like plumeria that are molded inside coconut shells.

    You could buy a cheap ukulele. Those things are pretty cool and are a big part of Hawaiian culture.

    I would say bring back some Pakalolo but that's too much of a risk. They have those agricultural inspection machines that I wouldn't take a chance with.

    One more thing, they sell some of the most fragrant smelling insense in the world there. Not sure if you can still find it though because last time I was there I don't recall seeing any.

  • We went to Hawaii last Feb. I was bought a really pretty photo album that was hand made and has star fish on the front and it bound together by some kind of string; i really like it. I got some picture frames that say "aloha" and "Hawaii". We got some Hawaiian shirts and I got a couple dresses. We went to Dole Pineapple Plantation and got this pineapple shaped thingy that has all the Hawaiian Islands on it and a pineapple shaped picture frame.

    What I did when I got home was got a frame that held (4) 4x6 photos and put 4 of my favorite pictures in that and hung it up in our living room.

    I got my niece an hula outfit that was a grass skirt and coconut bra, and leis for other family members. You will find a lot of souvenirs there it just depends on what you like. Have a great trip. I can't wait to go back!

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    I tend to prefer things that don't scream "tourist" when I either buy stuff for myself or for friends when I am on vacation. I often find reasonably priced earrings that have been made by local craftsmen. A CD of Hawaiian music is also something that will bring back good memories of your trip. Consumables like macadamia nuts or coffee always seem to be appreciated.

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    i think to bring back a Hawaiian coconut would be cool or maybe take a picture of the pretty beach and have it blown up to maybe a 17 by 20

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  • 1 decade ago is better tasting than the ones on the mainland or shop at swap meets you will get great unique items and at a good price...

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    lava rocks,,,,,,

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