what is ecuador like?

im going to ecuador in a year and i want to know lots about it!!!

what animals? food? language? what are the people like?

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    Ecuador is a beautiful country with several very distinct zones: there's the Andean highlands, the coastal areas (like Guayaquil), and the jungle wetlands of the Amazon basin.

    Language is spanish everywhere with a lot of indigenous people, some of whom speak the pre-hispanic tongues.

    Read up for more info then post some more specific questions...

    Source(s): * Suggested itineraries for an Ecuador vacation: http://www.epinions.com/content_5252030596
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    I would first suggest Getting your a traveling video like Pilot Guides Ecuador and the Galapagos, I bought mine from Ebay for $4 but you can find it in the stores , its also on TV...

    The Next thing is to do a little research on the internet there are allot of web sites for Ecuador

    Third thing is to get a traveling Guide Book such as A Rough Guide To Ecuador .. lots of info for traveling around Ecuador.....Cheers have fun.....Red

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    Ecuador is the size of the state of Colorado in the U.S. with so much diversity, there's something for everyone. They have great restaurants with really good food, such as beef, pork, rice and corn, but they specialize in cuy - guinea pig - at least the indigenous do. Their language is Spanish. Their churches are magnificent. The people that are true natives, especially the older ones are gentle and very helpful. There's lots of cattle, sheep and llamas. They grow lots of produce and gorgeous flowers. There are many volcanoes. Check out my website for extensive information on the historic center of Quito and beyond - www.quito-colonial.com.

    Source(s): www.quito-colonial.com and the locals.
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