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My Grandmother diagnosed with AT-Cell Leukaemia!?

My grandmother has been diagnosed with AT-Cell leukaemia just last week, which I am truly terrified. She was perfectly fine a month and a half ago, and she had done her monthly check up, but after taking some 50000UI vitamin D tablets once a week, they had found problems with her blood which has led to her doctors diagnosing he with AT-Cell leukaemia. Now what I am worried about is that if she is in her high 60's low 70's, are the chances of her surviving this cancer? Please I would really like to know, I'm honestly losing it and can't function properly and I would like to know some more details about this disease, such as how someone can just so suddenly get this cancer when all her tests have been perfect, was it from the vitamin D tablets and its high dosage, and if its from that can that have caused her to get this cancer, and I would like to know the survival rate high for someone her age. Yes, I know that I am thinking negative at a time like this, but there is just that feeling that is just leaving me unsure. Please help me with this, and please don't leave a cruel comment such as "your grandma is gonna die ha ha..."

Please and thank you



There has been more news about my grandmothers diagnosis. My grandmother took several tests to determine whether she does have leukaemia, and during that day her white blood cells which was the main cause of the doctors claiming she has this cancer had decreased by a little bit more than 1000( went from 47200 to somewhere in 46000) in less than a week. Some of the results that have come back, said that she doesn't have lymphoma but she may still have a virus of leukaemia, now if her white blood cells have decreased is that a sign that the doctors may have been suspicious over the wrong thing and this might not be leukaemia? She has to do another test to see whether her white blood cells have increased or decreased, also whether if she has the virus or not. Also no symptoms have not come yet, I mean how long does it take for symptoms to show up? Please answer this!!

Thank you.

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    To me you sound like you're having a perfectly normal response to your grandmother's situation. It's commendable that you're simply not crawling into a ball and hoping that it will all go away. Your grandmother is lucky to have you for a grandchild.

    I did a search on T Cell Leukemia and came across numerous websites, but I think this one might be able to answer many of your questions.

    T Cell Leukemia Treatment

    Latest Leukemia Treatments & Info

    by M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

    Another site I would definitely go to would be the American Cancer Society at

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