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Taking the bus in Montreal? Help I'm scared!?

This is kind of a silly question.. I recently moved to Montreal and I have never taken the bus before. How does the system work?? If I'm paying cash is it simple? Is it possible to get a transfer ticket so I can take another bus?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi there, nothing to be afraid of, it's very simple. You can pay in cash, or you can buy tickets at all metro stations (or a monthly, or even a weekly pass that you just show to the driver).

    You put your money in the box next to the driver, and if you need a transfer, just ask for one ("billet de correspondance, s'il vous plait", if you want to try it in French). Half the time you don't even have to ask, just put your hand out and the driver automatically hands one over.

    With the transfer, you can use it on the next bus (as long as you're still going in one direction, meaning you can't use it to come home) by either showing it to the driver if you need it for another bus or metro, or giving it to him/her if it's the last bus you're going to use.

    Now, if you need the transfer to get into the metro, you put it in the turnstile box. Once through there, if you need to take a bust after the metro, you will see a box just beyond the turnstiles. Press the button for a transfer. Same concept as the bus ones, either show it or give it to the driver.

    Hope this helps!

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    You can pay in cash, $2.75 exact change for regular fare. There are new boxes in buses now where you press and take your own transfer ticket. You don't need to ask. If you're not sure just ask the driver politely. Don't be scared there's nothing to it!

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    Just to add, bus drivers don't have change, so have a ticket or exact change.

    They changed the transfer machines last summer, probably not on all the buses yet, so I wouldn't be surprised if you're not the only one confused.

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    yes you can use a tranfer ticket for up to six rides in two hours, its 2.75 and you can get a montly pass at most metro stations.

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