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Will there ever be a day where there are NHL teams located in cities outside of Canada or the United States?

Is a team in Mexico out of the question?

Or what about Europe?

Of course, the major issue is travel time, so Europe would be problematic. But what about Mexico or Cuba or somewhere else of the shores of Canada or the USA?

I think it won't happen for many years (if at all) but I would not rule it out.

What do you think?

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    There will e a European division within 10 years, that is part of the reason for all these games in Europe now. The travel logistics were worked out long ago (similar to baseball, playing within your own continent and then have a intercontinental period).

    I can't see Cuba ever being considered for hockey (baseball maybe - MLB played games in Puerto Rico to increase Expos attendance), anfd Mexico City has been mentioned, but no suitable venue has been found. Both Clarence Campbell and John Ziegler wanted exhibition games in Mexico City (Campbell was looking at Tijuana actually).

    The NHL and NHLPA have been talking about Europe for a long time (mid 80s). So, while there are SOME things to be worked on, the plan has been drawn up for years, but the implementation is still being worked on.

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    Nope, never. But there is talk of expanding into Europe but that may just be the way Gary Bettman's words are being interpreted.

    I don't expect to see an NHL franchise based outside the United States or Canada in my lifetime.

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    Not anytime soon! I think all major sports in the US and Canada, whether it be the NHL NBA MLB, are waiting on the NFL to expand outside of the country. To see if it works, the money alone to get teams there, and for that team to travel, especially in this recession, i think would be toooo much!!!!

  • They wouldn't move a team to Europe because it would be an impossible schedule going to and from Europe. None in Mexico because of the fact that it is a poorer country and I don't think many Mexicans like hockey.

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  • Football maybe..because of the limited amount of games and the week between them. The only way it could work with other leagues is having a separate division that doesn't play the NA teams until playoff time.

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