Why do some People hate Laurie Cabot and try to put bad Label on her?

When I have made more then one trip to Salem, MA I hear different stories about about Laurie Cabot. What is the issue?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The short answer: she's an attention-whore.

    She's a real thorn in the side of a lot of pagans in Salem. She expects people to treat her special because several decades ago the mayor named her the "official witch of Salem". She wanders the streets in black robes and then claims it's "traditional witch garb," which is historically ludicrous.

    A lot of us also find a lot of her teachings to be nonsensical. Lilith McLelland gives several examples in "Out of the Shadows."

    Here's my review of one of her books:


    The review includes a news story about how she accused police officers serving a legal warrant of crimes against humankind. Major case of More-Persecuted-Than-Thou syndrome.

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