Pokemon Team? [[Pokemon Pearl]]?

Hello. I am trying to figure out a good [non-legendary] pokemon team for my pokemon pearl. I was thinking of training Happiny, Starly, Glaceon, Hippopotas, Bidoof [[my hm whore]], and Pichu. Any pokemon I should switch around? Also, where is a good place to train them at their lower lvls? Thank You :]


Well I have finished the game already so...What should I replace bidoof and happiny with?

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    In-game teams dont matter AT ALL. I suggest if you are really done with your game and am board of pwning in-game trainers you check out competitive battling.

    here is a guide


    and a competitive battling website:


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    OK, since my strategy in all pokemon games is all out attack, I think you should take out Happiny, maybe Bidoof once you are finished using all the HM's. Where's your starter? If you don't haver your starter your team is COMPLETELY useless.

    PS- as you advance through the game, you will find trainers to battle and hopefully your pokemon are good enough to beat them.

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    make sure all the pokemon r different types u dont want 1 type bcus when u vs the weaker type like fire and water u probably wont win

  • you can traind pokemon faster at valley windworks route 203

    route route 218 theses the easy way to do it

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    a gabite and a combee which can be found at a honey tree i prefer a girl one

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