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Toronto Blue Jays vs. Boston Red Sox - Roster Evaluation?

This is based on the Talent Level of the players at the moment and the last couple of years:

C -Jason Varitek > Rod Barajas

1st- Kevin Youkilis > Overbay, Millar

2nd- Aaron Hill = Dustin Pedroia

3rd- Scott Rolen < Mike Lowell

SS- Marco Scutaro > Julio Lugo, Jed Lowrie

LF- Jason Bay > Travis Snider

RF- J.D. Drew < Alex Rios

CF- Jacoby Ellsbury < Vernon Wells

DH- D. Ortiz < A. Lind

Starting Pitching: Boston

Relievers: Toronto

Moral of the story. Don't underestimate the Jays. See you in October.



yes there is a comparison there; Pedroia was good for what.? One season? He got the MVP because Kinsler got hurt, FINAL. Ortiz is done, he can't catch a fast ball to save his life anymore. Our pitching is damn good atm. And again, this shows you don't watch the Blue Jays with regularity like you use to, because you statement that "They always have good offensive but their pitchers are terrible with the exception for Halladay" is absolutely BoSox nation talk. It has been quite the opposite. Our offense has lacked and our pitching has always been near the top of MLB. Did you see Marcum, Burnett, McGowan last year?? Terrible?? go look them up, they were better than some of your red sox pitchers

Update 2:

Basically no, the Jays are a better hitting team than the Red Sox hands down now that Ortiz can't hit anymore. You guys now have a useless aging DH :/. I admit Youkilis can hit the best of that trio of players but collectively Wells, Rios and Millar/Overbay will hit better than Ellsbury, Drew and Youkilis could. Mind you, Rios has now fixed his antelope swing he was doing for the first 16 games, he will now be hitting as well, or better than Drew.

I could have also told you BJ would do terrible this season since well before (after Tommy John (last season included)), its a mechanics issue. Hitters can pick up that delivery a lot easier and once Cito realizes Downs or Frasor are the answer, we'll have a top 10 closer situation. He hasn't actually LOST us a game yet so basically he's working out for us just fine :)

Update 3:

Again Hill was injured all last season so comparing last season to Pedroria's is unfair. Pedroria won the MVP because IAN KINSLER was hurt. Seriously open your eyes BoSox nation, look what he's doing this season, if he didnt get hurt it would'nt even be a discussion.

Lind = better than Ortiz is atm. Ortiz cannot catch the fastball anymore, he's done. Can't even hit the other way. I disagree Toronto has the better bullpen. BJ is gradually losing his job. we don't even put him in a game anymore for any lead under 3.

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    Ok I think your comparisons are flawed. Don't get me wrong, the BJs have a nice lineup, but your not doing this right. The key isn't how much more BJs are better than how much Bosox at several positions, but rather how much 1 player is better than the other. Ex. JD Drew< Alex Rios Ellsbury< Vernon Wells Youkilis> Millar. Here, according to your comparisons the blue jays have 2 players better than 2 red sox players compared to 1. So the trio of blue jays are better right? Wrong. Its obvious that the red sox trio is better, because kevin youkilis is way better than millar. So, because of that reasoning, ill take the red sox lineup over the jays anyday.Also the boston bullpen should be at worst tied with Toronto's.

    Masterson: 11.1 inning 3.13 ERA

    Ramon Ramirez: 9.1 inning 0 ER. 0.43 whip

    Manny Delcarman: 8.1 inning 0 ER 5 Ks

    Okijima: 7.0 inning, 3.84 ERA, 10 Ks

    Pap: 6.1 innings: 1.24 ERA, 4 SVs

    BTW how is BJ Ryan working out for you?

    EDIT: You make some pretty good points, and the Blue Jays likely will end with 85-77 or somewhere around that. But they have one fatal flaw-their rotation. Holliday's good but that's it. I've seen Romero's numbers in the minor leagues and there's no way his hot streak is going to continue. Purcey and Listch are just flat out terrible. And don't count Papi out yet, he's 5-12 last three games, 3 xtra base hits( 2 of witch were to the opposite field) I would still take the red sox trio over the bluejay trio and i would still take the red sox lineup above your lineup

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    wowzas there is no way you can compare Pedroia to Hill absolutely no way. David ortiz to lind???? lol you gotta be joking. I like the Jays enough to tell you that this season is going to be just like every other they are going to KILLLLLLL it at the start and right when playoff times roll around they choke and go 0-16. They always have good offensive but their pitchers are terrible with the exception for Halladay. I have been a Jays fan (being from Toronto and all) but the jays just continuously disappointed me every season so I converted to Red Sox nation when I was about 7, not like the other Sox fans that jumped on when they came back from the 3-0 ALCS series in 04. In all honesty the Jays are good but they are in the toughest division in the game, if they were in the West they would be making the playoffs every year!!! I am very doubtful that ill be seeing the Jays in October, doesn't hurt to dream though lol

    EDIT: Better bullpen? Are we still talking about the MLB? I think..wait I know the Sox have one of the best bullpens in the game, the only consistent pitcher on the Jays worthy of a comparison to a Redsox pitcher is Halladay, other than that, they just have a bunch of inconsistent pitchers that may get better over time. The bats of the Redsox are far more consistent then the Jays. The only way to settle this argument is to simply state who made history, which team has the most amount of recent rings and which team makes it to the playoffs almost every season? The Sox came back from a 3-0 series deficit against one of the best teams in baseball and made history in 04, give em the respect they deserve and dont compare them to a team that hasnt took the trip to the world series since 1993.


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    Pedroia is much better than Hill. He has won a rookie of the year and an MVP in his first two years in the big leagues. The Red Sox bullpen might be the best in all of Baseball and we have Papelbon at the back end of that bullpen. The Jays are in first place because they have not played a single game against the AL East. when they do they will be behind both the Red Sox and Yankees. The Rays will also catch them at some point. The only thing that they going for them is that Baltimore is in that division. In October the Jays will be on the golf course while the Red Sox will be in the playoffs. GO SOX!!!

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    Aaron Hill is not as good as MVP Pedrioa. Hill has had a good year so far, but Pedrioa has an MVP and Hill has nothing.

    I agree with all you other comparisons except I would take Ortiz over Lind anyday and Boston's relievers are better, Jays closer B.J. Ryan is horrible.

    Pedrioa did help the red sox win the world series, Hill hasnt even gotten to the playoffs

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    The Boston Red Sox beat the Jays lastnight, 3-0; clinching a tie for a playoff spot.

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    I admire your devotion to your team, but seriously, you're delusional.

    Pedroia comes off a rookie of the year season, follows it up with an MVP, and you think Hill is even comparable?

    Fifteen games into a long season and TO has a 2 game lead. Congratulations.

    But by August, the Jays are going to be where they always are. They won't win the division, and sorry to say, they won't even be in the wild-card race.

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    agree with most except, aaron hill is nowhere near pedroia and Boston relievers are much better than Toronto's. Toronto will be in 3rd in about 2 weeks and 4th in a month

    pedroia = rookie of the year, MVP, silver slugger, golden glove

    hill = ??????????

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    Blue Jays = Maple Leafs = Raptors.

    Red Sox > Blue Jays

    Bruins > Maple Leafs

    Celtics > Raptors

    Any questions.

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    Doc >>>> Beckett

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